A Workout Wear Wishlist

Workout Wear Wishlist

H&M Backpack | H&M Sports Bra | Forever21 Ombre Tights | Forever21 Cami | Nike Mesh Bomber
Forever21 Tights | H&M Sports Bra | H&M Padded Jacket | Forever 21 RUN Vest

January 17th, eh? How’re all those New Year Resolutions going for you?

We all made the resolution to get fit this year. Even if you didn’t say it loud, you definitely want to at least go on one more run than last year. Admit it.

But exercising is hard. Especially when you’re rubbish at it. Especially when it still gets dark at 3pm and its always miserable and rainy and the gym is just so far away.

You know what always gets me to the gym after a little (a lot) of time off? New gym kit.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite, affordable, bits from the highstreet. And hey, my student loan comes in tomorrow so who knows – I might just lose all my Paris stress weight and look absolutely fabulous while doing it. Yes sirreeee!

I’ve had my eye on that H&M bag for a little while now. I saw it in the Cluny store in Paris and couldn’t stop looking at it across the room. Luckily I dragged myself away and spent money on sensible things like Sephora face masks and eyebrow wax…

Do you have your eye on anything lately?
Do you need clothes as an excuse to exercise, like me?




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