My Word For 2018

My Word For 2018My Word For 2018

Last year I think I was far too ambitious with my word of the year. ‘Shine’ was probably placing too much pressure on myself to be the best, and I definitely fell short of that. Who wouldn’t? I had such high plans for the year and, while I achieved so many things, it was a bit of a meh one.

As I said last year, I’m not normally one for this kind of thing. I’m really really bad at the whole mindfulness thing. I get far too distracted by everything else that needs doing and don’t really understand why it’s necessary to take time to meditate or whatever. I have too much to do and not enough time to do it – why make it harder with precious minutes taken up by absolutely nothing?

But I think that’s where I’ve been going wrong. I’ve taken on too much and expected to be great at all of it, and solve all my problems along the way, without pausing for thought.

So that’s my plan for 2018 – to pause, to stop and to breathe.

My Word For 2018


  1. Take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process.
    1. (of a fish) draw in water with dissolved oxygen through the mouth and force it out through the gills.
    2. (of a cell, tissue, or living organism) exchange gases, especially by means of a diffusion process.
    3. Be alive; remain living.

My word of 2018 is breathe. It’s a reminder to stop and sort myself out, stop and get some sleep, stop being harsh on myself and take some time to just do nothing.

A few weeks ago I shared that I managed to accidentally sleep for an entire day. A whole Saturday spent asleep, fully dressed, next to a bowl of chicken soup. I learnt on that day that nothing bad happens if you just stop for a while. In the same way, nothing bad will happen if I take five minutes to just think about what I’m doing and why.

So here’s to 2018, and here’s to taking the time to be alive; remain living. x


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