Why I’ve Started Getting Nail Extensions

Why I've Started Getting Nail Extensions
Why I've Started Getting Nail Extensions

I don’t struggle in the nail growing department. I don’t bite them, they tend to grow long and strong, and I hardly ever break a nail. I shouldn’t really need nail extensions. A normal gel mani would probably do me fine.

But lately I’ve had my nails done a few times. Properly done. Not just a quick file and gel polish.

There are two good reasons as to why I’ve opted to go for the fake nail over my natural talons.

1. Having a set of decent nails makes me feel more put together. When they’re all the same length and shape, beautifully painted and happy it makes me happy. You can’t live a messy life if you have perfect nails, right? RIGHT? I like booking the appointment, knowing I’ll be there for ages, and leaving with a set of claws that I can then show people later with the obligatory ‘how great do my nails look?’ Lovely nails set off any outfit and make typing essays tricky, so it’s even more of an achievement when you finish one.

They’re also a great excuse for getting out of doing any manual work…

Why I've Started Getting Nail Extensions

Why I've Started Getting Nail Extensions

2. When you’re there, in the salon, with your hands on a rolled up towel, you can’t also hold your phone. I tend to book nail appointments when I have a lot to do, and a lot of built up stress. Part of it is that I get to vent to someone completely out of my usual circle. Part of it is the aforementioned feeling like I have my shit together. Most of it is that I don’t have to think about anything else while I’m having them buffed and polished.

Emails and messages and snapchats and all sorts have to just sit there, face down on the table next to me.

I can get quite worked up when I have a lot on, and very rarely turn off my phone or laptop. When I get my nails done everyone else just has to wait for me to do my thing. It’s like a mini holiday from stupid questions and trying to do things for people that they don’t really appreciate. It’s nice. Is that really sad?

I’m an extension convert. I’m hooked. Sometimes you just have to treat yo’ self! x 

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Why I've Started Getting Nail Extensions



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