Why It’s Just So Damn Important To Love The Content You Create

Why It's Just So Damn Important To Love The Content You Create

Why It's Just So Damn Important To Love The Content You Create

Content creating, or whatever millennial term you want to use, is hard work. No, seriously – it’s really hard. It’s not all laughing on a beach with a starbucks, snapping a photo and smashing 300 likes in twenty minutes. It can be boring, frustrating, infuriating, and often kinda embarrassing.

Am I the only one that has to make sure a street is empty before I even think about taking a photo of the *whatever* that’s in my hand. ‘There’s another of those vapid influencers’ they cry, as they stare at me, shaking their heads. Well, yeah. This vapid influencer is making that paper from my bed too, so swings and roundabouts gals.

ANYWAY, content creating can be hard. When you’ve been sat at a blank laptop screen for three days with absolutely nothing to say, or when you’re working with a brand and want everything perfect, or when you haven’t replied to an email in three hours and you’re getting another ‘just checking you’ve seen my last email’ email

and you want to scream because actually, Susan, I’m in the middle of a lecture right now and, believe it or not, I put my MA above my blog and above your cellulite busting (???) brand.

Just a small disclaimer to say that I’m grateful for when brands think of me and I promise I’m not the worst hehe.

I’ve blogged pretty much every week, often more than once a week, since April 2015. Three years, and I’ve never once given up or taken a break. I’ve gone through waves of writing a post a day, and slumps where I’ll manage three posts in a month, but I’ve carried on. I’m now in a position to look back at the hard work that I’ve done and really profit from it – I’m proud of what I’ve built, and the brands I’ve worked with and the people I’ve met. It’s been an honour.

Except sometimes I’ve hated it. Sometimes I’ve hated it more than anything.

Sometimes I’ve sat in front of that empty screen for months and months, writing up posts that I hate just to get something out there to keep everyone engaged. The views have come in and its kept me moving forward, even if I feel like I’m at a complete standstill.

Why It's Just So Damn Important To Love The Content You Create

But when you love the content you create, it shows. Even in my photography you could tell that I just wasn’t convinced. My colours were drab and I took zero time over them, and threw them up on the page just because I had to. Now, my colours are brighter, I’m smiling more, and I feature WAY more than I ever did before. Sure, my confidence has grown, but so has my love of the stuff I write and the photos I take.

Y’know that Roald Dahl quote about good thoughts making you look lovely, and bad thoughts making you look ugly – the same can be applied to blogging and content creating. If you’re churning out content for the sake of it, your content will reflect that. If you work hard, and genuinely love each photo or each post, then that’ll show too.

It might mean you post less, but if anything I find the opposite.

The more I love each post, the more inspired I am to create more just like it. Ultimately, doing the complete opposite of keeping my blog alive has kept my blog ALIVE. x

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