Why I Started Blogging

Why I Started Blogging
Why I Started Blogging

Sometimes people IRL will ask me why I do the whole blogging thing. Granted, it hasn’t happened for a while now – I think people have just got used to the whole thing – but every so often I get the odd puzzled look. My favourite is when people find out how many instagram followers I have, though I definitely don’t have enough to blow any trumpets. It’s nice when people are impressed with the hard work you’ve put into something.

I started blogging around ~now~ in 2015. I was in my second year at uni and had just finalised everything up for the whole moving to Paris thing, and I had exams coming up that I just didn’t want to revise for. Can you blame me for finding the heavy duty distraction that is blogging? Nah, me neither.

Everyone starts blogging for different reasons, and there are thousand of bloggers out there who all started for something completely different to everyone else. Some love to write about their day, like an online diary, some love the entrepreneurial side of it, some love to have a platform that people read so that they can make a difference. I don’t believe that there’s any wrong reason to start blogging. People get arsey about people blogging only to make money but I think its a lot of hot air. You have to love blogging to keep it up, and to get to the level where people are paying you to do stuff. People start blogging, and stay blogging, because they want to. That’s that.

I started blogging for a million reasons. I initially had a tumblr, like the rest of the world in 2015, and was obsessed with Rhianna – still am, gal! She’d been blogging for about a year before I messaged her to say hey I want to do that too. Here we both are, however many years later. Plz send all thanks her way.

Why I Started Blogging

I was also really bored at uni. I didn’t have a huge number of friends and didn’t do half the stuff at college that I’ve done over the last two years. My life kinda revolved around lectures, the library and the gym, and a few friends in between that. Also Ollie was there so that was nice too. Weirdly, 2015 was also the last time we lived in the same town, let alone less than a 3 hour train away from each other.

So I was bored and inspired and bored and in desperate need for a creative outlet of some sorts. I’m an arty gal. I can draw and paint (and can’t do pottery for shit) and I missed having something like that to do. I had a camera, but no idea what I was doing.

And so one day I just set up a WordPress, and I did a few posts about general life things and the odd recipe and whatever, and slowly it began to grow, and I began to grow.

It’s actually a miracle that I’m still blogging three years later, tbh. And regularly at that!

Blogging has easily been the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t know if the blogging thing is dying (there’s a lot flying around to say that it might be??) but I’ll be gutted if it ever does. I’ve made friends through blogging and been nominated for awards and worked with some of my favourite brands and generally had a blast. I wouldn’t change any of it for anything.

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  • Aimee Julia says:

    I’ve been blogging for three years and although I’ll admit I started it with the intention of becoming the next Zoella and becoming rich and famous, I’ve only kept it up for the last three years because I love it. I love having my own space of the internet to talk about whatever I want. I love knowing something I’ve wrote has helped someone. I love the friends I’ve made through blogging. And I love that there are people out there who actually want to read what I write! Here’s to blogging *raises a glass* x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

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