Why Are We All Convinced That Blogging Is Dying?

Why Are We All Convinced That Blogging Is Dying?
Why Are We All Convinced That Blogging Is Dying?

Everyone seems to be talking about how blogging is a dying art…

Posts all over the place about how blogging is dying out and people are turning to instagram or YouTube for their content, and to some extent I think that’s true. We’re getting used to everything being fast. Fast wifi and fast fashion, fast food and Love Island’s super fast relationships – it’s no surprise that we’re all after the fast content consumption style that is a tiny square photo rather than 400 words on a website. We’re lazy (not necessarily in a negative way) and the way we absorb media is a testament to that.

Whether or not we can say blogging is dying because of this fast consumption is a whole other thing. As far as I’m concerned, blogging is evolving.

I’ve been working in n&b solidly for over three years now. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not that long. Some of the biggest bloggers were huge before 2015, and are bigger still now. However, in those three years I’ve seen blogging sharpen up. My earliest posts were weird personal thought posts with random wonky photos of daffodils, or Superdrug hauls that included things like spot gels and face wipes. Blogging, or at least my little blog, wasn’t as editorial or as polished. I didn’t know how to edit (do I even know now??) and took my photos on my phone, and nobody read my posts but my boyfriend and my parents. It was an online diary rather than a shiny blog.

And yes, that blog has died. And, if you move in the big blog leagues, that type of blog has certainly disappeared. The bloggers we look up to are super polished, even if their words are still sharp and interesting, and none of them would be seen dead showing us their favourite type of wet wipe, or whatever. Their lives have evolved and so have their blogs.

Hell, my life has evolved and so has my blog. I’ve grown a huge amount in three years and built up something that I’m proud of, and I’d be upset if in those three years I was still writing the same stuff and taking the same bad photos, etc. I’m a big girl now, and I have a big girl’s blog.

Why Are We All Convinced That Blogging Is Dying?

Why Are We All Convinced That Blogging Is Dying?

My blog has evolved, for better and for worse. I’ve learnt how to do SEO and to promote my blog, and I’ve developed a style that’s still constantly changing with whoever I am at that time. I think that’s awesome.

I’ve worked with brands and paid my rent and been to events and had an absolute ball. I’ve also been miserable and on the cusp of deleting my blog and insta and just living a normal 9 to 5 life like everyone else. It can be draining having to put your life online. But amongst all the good and bad, what’s important is that n&b (and myself) have grown and adapted and changed and evolved.

There’s that word again.

Blogging has just evolved.

And you have to evolve to keep up, granddad. You’ll get left behind otherwise, and everyone will think you’re bitter and twisted and blame you for things when really you’re just a little scared and confused at the new world.

No1 at the whole evolving thing is our pal Vix. Her site is thriving and her insta is growing rapidly and she’s working bloody hard and seeing the results. She’s working her life like a badass business and I respect that so hard.

Lately I’ve been feeling down about my online life. I’ve been losing followers on insta faster than I’ve ever lost them before, I’m low on ideas, I have other stuff on, and I constantly comparing my world to bloggers way ahead of me. I keep reminding myself that they’ve been at it for longer, or whatever, but in my head I’m shouting ‘it’s because they’re prettier/thinner/richer/happier/generally better than you.’ It’s not an ideal situation to find myself in. Add the idea that blogging might be dying as an art and I’ve totally crashed.

What’s the point in putting in so much hard work, seeing very little result, only to be told that it may never actually get better than this after all?

It’s not fair. It’s not fair to keep peddling the idea that blogging is dying when it really is just changing and evolving, like everything else in this world does. New technology like cheaper cameras and easier editing and whatever should be embraced rather than shied away from. Blogging, and blogging to an extremely high quality, is more accessible than ever and we just need to get over that, embrace it, and find ways to make ourselves and our blogs truly shine.

People will still read your blog, and if they aren’t then maybe you need to pull up your big girl pants and work out why.

Most importantly, just back yourself. Confidence, like in all things, is key. If you act like a superstar blogger, you are a superstar blogger. No one can take that away from you.

Keep pushing forward, no matter what anyone says about the industry we find ourselves in, and work hard. That’s all there is to it. x


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