Who Can Be Bothered To ‘Dress For The Body They Have’?

Who Can Be Bothered To 'Dress For The Body They Have'?
Who Can Be Bothered To 'Dress For The Body They Have'?

This isn’t a post about Love Island, I promise. Like, it’ll come up – obviously – but it’s not a post about Love Island. I just really like Love Island and I think it works well here. I promise, this isn’t about love island. It’s about dressing for the body you have, and why that’s absolute bullshit.

I love this dress. I own in it four different colours/prints and I love it. It’s probably the least flattering dress in the world, and it makes me look like a circus tent, but if I could wear it every day without having to worry about that, I would. It’s comfy and cotton and can be worn in the day with flip flops, or with a smarter sandal or over a swimsuit or maybe even in the evening?

As someone who doesn’t do ‘glam’ very well, going for cuter stuff like this is very much my vibe.

Cute stuff like this doesn’t necessarily match with what I have going on underneath. I’m not petite, just short. I can’t very often ‘get away’ with wearing stuff that is definitely designed for a smaller gal. I use to be able to, but now I can’t. Just a fact of life.

And as I say, I think I look like a circus tent in this dress. I especially look like a circus tent in the striped version.

And do you know what? I couldn’t give a shit. I really couldn’t. I’m so over not wearing things I love because I’m worried about how my body looks in it, or what other people will think. If I want to wear a smock dress then who am I to tell myself not to? It’s comfy and cotton and I’m happy when I wear it.

Times are changing. We don’t have to wear what people think we should wear. Trinny and Susannah aren’t running around grabbing us all over and trying to force us into a thin scarf. I wouldn’t even know which fruit I resembled now. I definitely used to be a pear but I think I’m probably a bunch of bananas now, to be honest with you. What would T&S recommend for someone bananas shaped? Probably a thin scarf.

But this is why the whole thing is so utterly mindless! Why the fuck are we comparing our HUMAN bodies to fruit and stuff. Like fair play if you’re actually an hourglass shape like good for you, but how can I be a pear? Why trivialise something so much as to compare it to a piece of average fruit. (Sorry pears, I like you.) It just makes no sense.

Who Can Be Bothered To 'Dress For The Body They Have'?

The other day I turned down what would have been a really exciting blog opp for me because I didn’t feel comfortable with my body. The clothes that I could have been ‘modelling’ (lol) were just a little too out there for me and I felt like I just wouldn’t fit what they were trying to do.

But WHY? Sure, if I didn’t feel comfortable that’s okay. And I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in a lot of stuff. But actually, the strongest thought running through my mind was that this opp wasn’t meant for me. They’d got the wrong gal. They hadn’t looked at my blog or instagram and clearly didn’t know what I looked like and they’d be disappointed when they found out.

Obviously this was not the case, and when I turned down the offer they were genuinely disappointed.

The reason I turned it down was because I felt wrong. I felt like my body was wrong for the clothes they wanted to share with me. How silly do I feel now? They would have been absolutely banging on a beach in Belize.

So I’ve stopped, as of now, giving a shit about what I’m meant to be wearing. Instead I’m focusing on what I want to wear, what I think looks nice, and what makes me feel comfortable and happy. That’s enough for me, and who cares if its enough for anyone else. x


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