Where Would You Travel If You Lived Rent Free For A Year?

Where Would You Travel If You Lived Rent Free For A Year?

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My travel bucket list as about as long as the list of countries in the world. A few have been crossed off said list, 19 to be precise, but I’m always buzzing for more. Recently I shared how much I love to travel solo – I’d love to pack myself a little bag and get away for a while without a care in the world.

A few places, however, are a little bit higher on the list than others. With Mexico and Belize (and maybe Guatemala?) on the cards for this summer, I’m pretty set for a great year. But where else would I run off to if I got the chance?

Where would I go if all my money worries just went away for a year?

Perhaps a trip around Europe? I never did the whole inter-railing thing when I was younger, and when I was based in Paris I could only really take a day or two at a time to explore by myself. I’d love to see a few more bits of Europe: more of Italy, Eastern Europe and maybe even Spain for the first time. Wild! I’d obviously stop in Paris for a while, just to live the good old days and hang out with my pals for more than an hour or so at a time.

Or how about New York!! I’ve only ever done the West Coast and I’d love to hit NYC or maybe Boston. My plan is to try to get over there next year (best laid plans) but we’ll see I suppose.

There’s so much more to choose from though – perhaps a safari in Botswana? Or half a night in the fanciest hotel Dubai has to offer? I’d love to see more of South East Asia (Vietnam was incredible! As was Bali) and India and Sri Lanka are also very high on the list.

Too many places, too little time (and money).

Naturally, I’d probably save most of the money I’d need for boring adult things like deposits later in life. But hey, it’s fun to play pretend.

Bag yourself £10k’s worth of free rent!

Rent – the endless drain on our bank accounts. All that hard work to be thrown at a landlord. As a perpetual student, I get it. My rent is extortionate for what really is the coldest place on earth. Sure I have a nice ensuite (now that the shower works…) but I shouldn’t need an electric blanket to keep myself an acceptable level of warm just to sleep. I’d also like to be able to lock the door from the inside without deadlocking anybody out. Is that too much to ask?

Marrakech: Day Two

Imagine what you could do with your life if you didn’t have those hundreds of £££ disappearing every month?! A gal can dream, right!

Endsleigh Insurance Services are being an absolute babe and offering one young person a year’s free rent (in the form of £10k!) – they’re upset that the majority of young people find it incredibly hard to get on the property ladder or find themselves a job.  It turns out that most people don’t properly feel like an adult until they’re 25 and making their way in the world. As a soon-to-be-24 year old, I feel ya, huns. I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be a proper grown up. I mean, I’m still in uni aren’t I?!

Endsleigh want to help us out a bit – one lucky lucky student can nab a head-start with their adulting! Move out of your childhood room or say goodbye to mouldy halls.

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May the odds be ever in your favour! x


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