What I Wore To Bestival 2017

What I Wore To Bestival 2017 What I Wore To Bestival 2017 [left]What I Wore To Bestival 2017[/left][right] [dropcap]S[/dropcap]o if you follow me on instagram, you’ll have seen a lot of these photos before. I’m a bit of a photo repeater, to be honest. I like to take a few good photos and share them around, rather than spend the whole day taking a million different photos. And anyway, they all pretty much look the same either way. Probably why I’ve been stuck on around 7.5k insta followers for what seems like forever.

I was super lucky to win a pair of tickets for Bestival from the fabulous Bloom & Wild – you’ve probably noticed a lot of flowers posts on insta lately. Well anyway, turns out they liked my flower pics a lot and so there I found myself, in the middle of a field in Dorset, up to my eyes in mud. And y’know what? I was absolutely buzzing.

Annoyingly, a lot of the stuff I wore was picked up at H&M (sale and non-sale) and we all know how terrible their website is. Nevertheless, I’m going to try my best to find you a few bits if you fancy getting my Bestival 2017 look.[/right]


Day 1 was an absolute blur – from Ollie getting home from Law School, to swapping trains because of issues, to arriving at our hotel and then heading to Bestival, everything happened in about the space of four hours. Pretty exciting. With all that excitement and rush rush rush, I’m pretty pleased with what I wore (see above). Think yellow raincoat, H&M crispy apple tee, the cliché H&M earrings, and all the glitter in the world.

If you remember a post I wrote a month or two back about my festival style, you’ll remember the yellow coat of dreams. If not, here’s the link. Enjoy!

I had so many compliments on my glitter throughout the whole weekend, and loads of people asking where I had found it – well, Amazon, my friends. You can get everything on Amazon and amazing glitter is no exception. Just search unicorn glitter and it pops right up.

What I Wore To Bestival 2017[left]What I Wore To Bestival 2017[/left][right]What I Wore To Bestival 2017[/right]

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Weather wise, the Saturday was a weird one. The three times it rained were horrendous. Massive raindrops thundering from the sky like that bit in Bug’s Life where it rains and it’s genuinely quite scary. Yeah, that. Despite that, I never seemed to really get wet. In fact, I only put on my raincoat at the very end of the day when I was watching Dizzee Rascal and feeling a bit chilly. Turns out my super power is looking to the sky and dramatically announcing that it’s going to rain, then heading for a tent just as the heavens opened. I’m a witch, clearly.

I went all out on Day 2. Rainbow flower top from the H&M sale (soz), glitter roots and a can of Pimms glued to my hand at all times. Very exciting. Also shout out to my bum bag – an old ASOS find – for keeping my shit together 24/7. Mad respect.

I absolutely adored this outfit, and wish I could get away with wearing it every day around London. Probably not a great idea though. I’ll try my best.

What I Wore To Bestival 2017 What I Wore To Bestival 2017 [left]What I Wore To Bestival 2017[/left][right]


Finally, Day 3 saw me rock something a little more casual (and still just as blogger cliché). Glitter eyes, a classic french plait style, and my trusty Funday jumper. So so comfy and so so fashion. If you haven’t managed to pick one of these bag boys up then I couldn’t recommend getting on it asap enough. It’s always in and out of stock so keep an eye out!

The weather on the Sunday was horrible, unfortunately. Really grey and moist and cold. So much so that we actually left a little early to go sit in a warm pub with a hot chocolate – I’m not especially hardcore, sorry. The wind was also so so bad that they had to close off the main arena for almost an hour because of safety concerns. Nightmare!

Overall, I had the most fabulous time exploring Bestival and am so grateful to Bloom & Wild for the tickets. Will I be heading back down there again next year? Almost certainly![/right]

What I Wore To Bestival 2017

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