Two Years Of N&B


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o n&b has been alive and kicking now for just over two years. I mean, I don’t know the exact date and I cba to go back and check, and then check my deleted post folder because who even knows, but I know it’s around Easter time that I started this whole thing so there we go. Y’know?

I’m not really doing anything to celebrate, and even writing this post is a bit of a stretch, but whatever. I’m not great at gushing posts about how great things are because that’s not me at all. I’ll try my very best though, I promise.

All I really want to say is how happy I am that I started doing this in 2015. It got me through a long year in Paris, and is getting me through a long year now, and I love it to bits.

Sure there have been ups and downs, as with everything. I’ve wanted to shut it all down a million times but somehow haven’t and I’m really glad.

It keeps me sane, happy and keeps boredom away, and that’s all I could ever want. The things and opportunities that it has given me are above and beyond and I’m so grateful for every single one. As for the friends I’ve made along the way – hot damn!

And I’m hella grateful to you, for reading this post, and all my other posts. You da bomb.

It’s been a fab two years. Here’s to two hundred more!


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