Two Months In Paris: The Instagram Edit.

Two Months In ParisSo after my swift departure from Parisian life, I thought I’d take a look back at the last two months, instagram style.

These last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. They’ve gone horrendously quickly and caused a mixture of good thing and harm. Hey, that’s life.

Macarons from Laduree, bus tours of Paris and fresh flowers on market day (with the all important striped jumper). Autumn walks around the Pere Lachaise cemetery, twinkly lit cafés and the infamous red cup at the even more infamous Bastille.

Two Months In Paris Two Months In ParisBirthday breakfasts with Ollie, a rainy day at the Luxembourg Gardens and summer blooms on a Sunday. A pretty damn fine selfie, stripes, tartan and autumn leaves, the tombs of a hundred French icons.

Two Months In Paris Two Months In ParisTouristing around the streets I call home, a million brightly coloured bicycles and some of the most iconic art on the planet. The stunning gardens and palaces of Versailles, Sacre Ceour and Montmarte, the Louvre in all its rainy splendour.

Two Months In Paris Two Months In Paris Brunch with mummy on a street corner, Christmas lights slowly being put up around the 6th, yet another coloured bicycle (this one with yummy pancakes). A stunning view of Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens in the late summer sun, freshly cut sunflowers from the South of France.

Two Months In Paris Two Months In Paris


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