Twenty-Three[left]Twenty-Three[/left] [right][dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m not sure what photo I’m going to use for this post. Obviously it’s going live at 7am on my actual birthday so it’s a bit early to snap one of me, the birthday gal, all dressed up and looking like a princess (although, arguably, any photo of me would resemble a princess…).

Anyway, whatever is up there ^^ or around the post, I’m sure it’s representative of my feelings about turning 23. Or maybe not. Lol, maybe it’s just me dressed as a T-Rex or something just to throw you off. I’ll figure it out at the weekend.

(EDIT: I think these photos are pretty dece. Soz for the lack of T-Rex but look at those editing skills!)

As you’ve probably guessed from that intro, I’m not actually writing this post today. Today (irl) is Friday 15th September, and I’m in my pjs at Ollie’s kitchen table with an empty Sports Direct mug of tea beside me, listening to the weird end songs on the Moana soundtrack. What an exciting life I lead. Oh and it’s 12:36, for more context.

But ANYWAY, today is MY BIRTHDAY! (Play along, please.) [/right]

Today I turn 23. My next big birthday is 30, and I’m totally okay (I’m not) with that. It’s not like I’m running out an getting an adult job any time soon (hello education forever) so yeah, I’m pretty chill with the whole 23 thing.

Lol everyone over 23 is going to be reading this like ‘ugh it’s only 23 what are you even talking about’ like my hairdresser did when I told her last week. Sorry, everyone. 23 Just feels a bit too adult-get-a-real-job-and-a-real-life to me. I mean, bloody hell, I know someone my age with two children, if you can imagine such a thing. Half of my degree friends are engaged! (I did Theology though so…)

I mean, I’m literally wearing an anklet right now so I can’t be 23.

Twenty-Three Twenty-Three

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So anyway, aside from this little quarter-life crisis that I seem to have found myself in, I have very little to actually say about being 23. This is because it’s such a non-age. I had nothing to say about 22 either.

Basically, I don’t do birthdays very well. I’m rubbish at my birthday, rubbish at friends’ birthdays and generally rubbish at anything that involves getting up and doing something and pretending it’s fun. If I had my way I’d spend my entire birthday in bed with Vietnamese food and the films that Ollie won’t let me watch because ‘we literally always watch them’. I’m looking at you, Salmon Fishing In The Yemen.

And do I have any goals for my 24th year? No, not really. I might think of some as the day progresses, but I have nothing that I want to do specifically this year that I don’t want to do in general. I want to do well in my MA but like, I have to do that anyway. It just so happens that the course end date is around this time next year.

Nah, I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and keep my fingers crossed about it not all falling apart.



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  • Happy birthday!!! I loved 23. I wish I was still 23. Have the best 24th year and enjoy every second of being a sort-of-non-adult still.

    C x

  • Sinéad Schouten says:

    Welcome to the 23 club! I agree that it’s a bit of a non-year (and it doesn’t even have a catchy Taylor Swift song to go with it, like 22) but I think its important to enjoy the end of our early-20s. We’ll be all old and mid-20s before we know it ?

    Sinéad | Sincerely, Sinéad

  • whatiknownow says:

    I’m 23 and know exactly what you mean. Still in education, and I actually feel a bit like life is on hold because I want to duo so many things that require me working but that will happen in good time. I hope you had a fab day and hope this year is good to you! xx

    What I Know Now

  • Sophie Rosie says:

    Happy Birthday, Imii! This post really made me giggle, you write so well! I’m also 23 and I had a v similar thoughts on my birthday! It’s such a non-birthday but at the same time it feels so much older than 22!

    I hope you have the best day, and enjoy being 23! <3

    Soph x |

  • Immy May says:

    Happy birthday Imii! I just turned 24 and had exactly the same thoughts as 23, approaching the mid-twenties mark and feeling ~a little~ freaked out about it haha! Shit definitely gets real once 25 rolls around. Enjoy 23 chick. Immy x

  • Very Much Mia says:

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I totally relate to wanting to curl up and eat Vietnamese food all day on birthdays rather than doing something super extravagant. I love your writing style and your voice in all your posts, by the way 🙂

    Mia |

  • Lucy says:

    Happy belated birthday, we basically have the same birthday haha (mines the 17th) woo! I hope you enjoy being 23 and everything that comes with it, you’re still so young gal!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Aimee Julia says:

    When you were writing this post (Friday 15th September) I was getting married! Haha. That’s weird. Anyway, happy birthday to you! Hope you had a great day doing everything you wanted. And I hope the year ahead is brilliant for you. x x

  • Mariah says:

    Can really relate to this right now… appreciate the realness. Love your style of writing! You go girlfriend xo

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