Travel Plans For The Summer

Travel Plans For The Summer
Travel Plans For The Summer

For a while it looked like this summer was going to be a long one: I have a dissertation to have written up by the beginning of September, and as far as I was concerned, that was summer sorted. The gang (Wilfred Owen and co.) and I, having it large in Durham Uni library like a bunch of bloody legends.

As fun as that sounds, and the poetry of the First World War literally defines FUN, things have taken a turn. It looks like your gal’s going away, big style.

To set the scene, Ollie finishes law school in June and then has three months off before he sells his soul to the man forever. As one last cry for help before the corporate life takes him, he’s going to Central America for six weeks. Like, all over CA – Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico. He’s going to have an absolute whale of a time. I’m incredibly jealous.

Or at least I would be incredibly jealous if I wasn’t going with him for a little bit. I’m only a bit jealous. My two and a half week stint pales in comparison to his six weeks.

Because that’s right, I’m joining him in Mexico (hello solo long haul flight), exploring a bit there, moving down to Belize and hanging out there, and then hitting Guatemala very briefly before heading back to Belize for a few days before I head home. Seventeen nights in Central America living the dream before crashing down to the library with a bump.

The flights are booked, we’ve sorted two of the seven places we’ll be staying, and the route is planned. I’m absolutely buzzing. Buzzing in a stressful way, as all big travel plans are? But buzzing nonetheless.

Travel Plans For The Summer

There are a few places we’ll be going, within each country. Think the pink lakes of Las Coloradas, Tulum, Valledolid, Caye Caulker, Tikal, the Belizean jungle, and a million other little gems.

I’ve bought a wonderful beach towel, made sure my vaccinations are up to date, made sure last year’s ESTA is still valid (a stopover in Miami on the way home) and have slowly started stockpiling suncream.

Obviously I won’t be flying out there until the end of June, but if you want to keep up with everything while I’m there than instagram is definitely your best bet. I’ll be sharing a few photos here and there, and will of course be writing up some blog posts when I get back.

For now, however, time to get as much work done as possible before the end of term. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to go pour myself another brew and get on with it. x




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  • Sounds like an amazing trip – I’m a little jealous, too. The more I see of South America, the more I really want to go. Not sure which part of Guatemala you’re going too – one of my favourite bloggers did some really indepth blog posts with amazing photos of her trip to Guatemala

  • Erin says:

    This is so exciting! I hope you have an amazing time and I will definitely be following along on instagram – and good luck with your dissertation too. Those things are horrible and I still have nightmares of mine!
    Erin | Photographer

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