Today Is My 21st Birthday.

It's my 21st birthday!Well, the day has arrived, today is my 21st birthday!

If I’m honest I’m not actually sure what I’m doing today. You may have noticed that a few weeks ago, when I first arrived in Paris, my family and I had a little fake-birthday for me. Croissants for breakfast, present opening and a lovely dinner out – the usual shebang (before they got on a plane and left me all alone in France… I kid)

Because of that fake-birthday, part of me kind of feels like I’ve already turned 21. In fact, I’ve been telling people I’m 21 for about a week now. I even had a second fake-birthday this time last week with my language course friends (cake, GBBO, etc). Basically, it feels a bit strange for it to be my ACTUAL birthday.

On the plus side, however, Oliver is here!!! YASSSSS! The original plan didn’t actually involve Ollie coming out to Paris for my birthday but then I decided that I’d regret not letting him so here he is. My companion for me real birthday. But, as I say, I’m not too sure what we’re going to do today!

So instead of dwelling on all of that, I’m going to share 21 things that have made me happy this year:

  1. Oliver existing (cuteeee)
  2., need I say more?
  3. I currently live in Paris so that’s pretty sweet
  4. Got a pretty solid 2:1 for the last uni year so that’s also pretty sweet
  5. I spent two weeks in Bali with the boy and had the best time ever
  6. Ice-cream in Filey with family/friends
  7. The bestie introduced me to the cake/dessert delivery service and that ruined my waist but made my year
  8. Edinburgh Zoo and a pizza the size of my whole body
  9. Christmas walks
  10. I didn’t eat a single crisp for six months: that first cheese and onion bad boy made me infinitely happy
  11. My new love for fresh cut flowers (thanks, blogging)
  12. Ollie bought me some tomato seeds for Christmas and they now cover the entire greenhouse at home
  13. Summer pub dinners with hot air balloons overhead
  14. Coconut water
  15. Barbecues with friends and family
  16. Dancing with my lecturers in JimmyA’s after the Theology Ball…
  17. Making gingerbread with Ollie and my little sister
  18. Van Mildert College, Durham
  19. Breakfast in bed. Breakfast out of bed. Breakfast out of the house. Breakfast.
  20. Sunflower season
  21. My French is currently at a passable level (i.e. I can chat with Jehovah’s Witnesses at my front door and tell the cashier that I don’t need a bag…)

So there we are! 21 things that have made me smile since this time last year. Obviously there are hundreds more things but I had to pick 21 and would you really want to hear everything that has made me happy? Nah, boringgggg.

Now, I’m having protein pancakes for breakfast and I’m going to eat them in bed with Ollie, some tea, and a crap film because its my birthday and I’m the queen.



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