Three Tough-Love Tips For Surviving University

Tough-Love Tips for Surviving UniversityWell, everyone, freshers has once again come around and thousands of you are off to university in the very very near future.

It’s safe to say that I have experiences the highs and lows of university life in the last two years so I’m more than qualified to share with you all some of my all time favourite, super easy (tough-love) tips for surviving university and your freshers year.

1. No one likes an arsehole.

This is my favourite because it’s just so easy. Don’t be a dick. Don’t be a dick to impress people. Don’t be a dick to annoy people. Don’t be a dick because you think its cool. No one likes it and no one will like you. Not doing your washing up is just annoying for everyone, even other people who don’t wash up. Playing massively loud music from your room in halls at 3am is annoying. Throwing up outside your door and not cleaning it up for three days, then making the cleaners do it on Monday is jus the lowest of the low (seriously, this happened on my corridor). Just don’t be an arsehole. Be nice to people if you like them, don’t talk to people you don’t. Its super easy. Just be polite and compassionate and think about other people and you’ll be a-okay!

2. Actually go to your lectures/seminars

When old people say that the student life is all about waking up in time for countdown and skipping lectures in favour of the pub, they are wrong. I mean, not entirely wrong. Mostly wrong. That 9am may seem like an absolute waste of time better spent in bed but come exam season you will regret every lecture you ever skipped. Socially I wouldn’t miss my lectures for the world either. My best friends are my course buddies and seminars are just an excuse for a chat/moan about essay marks. Seriously, don’t pay 9k a year to sit in bed + rent. You might even enjoy it!

3. Get involved

University is a great place to be for everyone, regardless of your interests. Sports, art, drama, computer games, rambling, whatever – you will find like-minded people. BUT you have to go and look for them. Don’t expect it all to fall at your feet in your first week. Get yourself to the freshers fair and sign up for everything. I promise you’ll be having a blast in no time. I met one of my best friends at pole dancing lessons (hi, Beth!) and was president of my college darts club in my second year. Seriously, get off your bum, stop moping that you don’t know anyone or have anything to do and get out and find something. People are generally friendly and more than happy to have you. (Just always remember tip 1…) I mean come on, I wouldn’t be moving to Paris if I’d stayed in my room all year.

+ BONUS TIP: Talk to other students and find out about where you’re going

The three tips above are just my experience and is probably VERY specific to studying Theology at Durham (if that’s going to be you then good choice). Find a friend, family member or even a random stranger with some kind of experience and don’t be afraid to ask them for guidance. We all need help once in a while and that’s totally okay. For a few more handy things you can take a look at my Student Life tag in the menu above or the little overview I wrote at the end of my second year.

Have I scared you enough, yet? Good. But seriously, don’t worry about it. You’ll get there and from the very beginning you’ll be so busy that you won’t have time to stop and think! Get out there, be kind to everyone. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Make friends, break friends, forget whole nights out and get lost looking for exam halls. You’ll have a great time, I promise. (Disclaimer: if you don’t, it’s not my fault and I’m so sorry that it sucked for you)



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