Things I Learned When I Slept For A Whole Day

Things I Learned When I Slept For A Whole Day

On Saturday I accidentally slept all day – ish. I fell asleep, half a bowl of chicken soup down, TV on, at around 1:30 pm, and woke up at about 7pm. I then fell asleep again at 9pm and woke up to my alarm the next morning. I’m not going to do the maths and work out how many hours sleep that was in total, but it was a lot. You get the idea. I slept pretty much all day and all night, with only chicken soup to keep me going.

Because I was knackered.

I’d had one of my busiest weeks on record, organising an event and attending a million more, plus getting started on an essay. The Friday night saw me attend a ball in college for all of three hours before calling it quits and leaving at midnight, á la Cinderella. Now that I think about it, I even left my shoes behind because they didn’t fit in my bag. I should bring them home at some point, before they walk off entirely.

Anyway, I’m not normally one for elongated periods of sleep. I would if I could, but I wake up feeling guilty if I sleep for more than an hour after 9am, regardless of if I didn’t get home from a shift ’til 1am.

But y’know what I learned, having slept an entire day away?

Nothing goes wrong because you took some time out. Sure, I woke up to a few extra emails, and a few extra messages, but all in all, nothing had changed.

The world was still turning and things were still happening and I had just as much left to do, but there was one major difference.

I felt awake enough, and alert enough, to do them properly.

For the first time in forever I was happy to just wake up and start working through tasks without feeling like death, or like I needed a million cups of tea to get through the morning. On Sunday I got further through my to-do than I had all week. All six days previous.

And I’ve felt a lot better since then, too.

Sleep is fantastic, isn’t it? It’s a miracle worker.

And it’s always so easily overlooked. I’m so easy to brush aside that extra hour asleep because I feel like I should be doing something, or because I just can’t be bothered to start the whole bed time routine. But, really, if I let myself go to bed early once in a while, the things I have to do will get done so much quicker the next day.

This is all very hypocritical of me as it’s now 00:10am, hehe. I’m going to have a lie in tomorrow, I think.

But that’s what I learnt. I took a whole day out. I took a whole day out to do nothing but sleep.

And nothing bad happened.


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