Things Are Slowing Down

Things Are Slowing Down

Okay, so I haven’t been posting much around here lately.

Maybe once a week on instagram, and maybe once a month over here? Sounds about right, to be honest. Since moving back South, I’ve become a bit rubbish.

It’s weird, as when I was at uni I was desperate not to be in Durham because of all the content opps in London, and now I’m back in London, I’m posting nothing at all. The grass really is always greener, apparently. Who knew, eh?

The truth is, I’ve been feeling all sorts of things towards the internet lately.

It’s no secret that I work in influencer marketing. You only have to take a look at my insta bio to see how much I love my job. I basically scroll instagram every day for a living, and work on some amazing campaigns with some really cool people. It’s exactly where I didn’t know I wanted to be, post-MA.

But it does mean that every single day I’m exposed to some really bloody great content creators. Not just bloggy gals doing their thing, but amazing artists and videographers and creatives doing their wonderful thing on instagram too. When I take a sec to scroll my own feed, I just can’t bring myself to like it. It turns out that before when I’ve been overly critical of my content, I was just warming up to this.

The last thing I then want to do on the weekend is take photos of myself. I want to hang out with Ollie and see my friends and spend the day in bed, not worry about instagram. There’s enough of that Mon-Fri.

So yeah, things have been slowing down around here.

And they’ll probably keep slowing down for a little while longer. Not for good, certainly, but for a little longer. I need some time to just breathe, get my head in the right place for all of this, and come up with a plan. I’ll take a day over Christmas to sit with a pen and paper and map something out.

But before all of that happens, I just wanted to let you know that it was happening.

I’m a little disheartened, and a little lost. And quite frankly, I’m becoming more and more sure that the internet really isn’t that bothered by people like me. That’s fair enough. There needs to be more room for people more diverse, and I totally dig and support that. I’m happy to move over and let others shine if that’s what needs to be done!

But sit tight, because I will be back. I may even be better than ever!

Who knows what the future will bring. x


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