The ‘Oh Crap, I Have To Leave Paris For Major Dental Surgery’ Beauty Haul

Paris Beauty Haul Paris Beauty Haul Paris Beauty HaulYep, you read the title right. This little beauty haul came about approximately 30 minutes after hearing that my mouth had exploded and that I had to go home asap.

I mean, I literally called my dad, jumped on the metro, got off two stops early and walked straight into the Sephora, Monoprix (and MaccyDs…)

I didn’t actually get anything in Sephora as I just couldn’t justify buying a naked palette or anything else when my beauty collection is pretty complete at the moment, so instead I went a little more highstreet and picked up some little bits from Bourjois, The Balm and L’Oreal.

I actually went in looking for the infamous Maryloumaniser but they were all out (it was a great day to be me) so instead I went in search for another powdered highlighter. I stumbled across this Bourjois pot of pink-ish shimmer, and the cute little pink brush that came with it, for 12.50€. The powder is supposed to give a baby-skin like glow to your complexion and i love the subtle sparkle. Perfect for those Christmas evenings.

Don’t judge me, okay, but I’ve been using the same one blush for at least five years. I literally only own one blush. Yeah. Sooo…. I thought as I was on a mad one around Monoprix, I’d pick up something a little higher end that I probably could do with. The Balm’s Frat Boy was my blush of choice. I love anything peachy pink so this was a win. Fingers crossed I break out of my blush funk!

Finally I picked up the L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream in the green ‘anti-redness’ formula. I’ve heard some absolutely brilliant things about green primers/creams so I can’t wait to use this! It’ll definitely come in handy when the winter winds really do start kicking in and I’m more red than anything else!

So there we are, my panic haul explained for you all to see.

I tell you what, I’m going to miss how gorgeous the lighting is in my flat.


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  • Sam says:

    I loved the title of this! How is the tooth situation at the moment? I hope you aren’t in too much pain, and are settling back into the UK well. But you are right, the lighting in your Paris flat is gorgeous, I’d miss it too! I thought my flat was quite light and airy until I tried to take photos in it, but no, it’s the darkest pace on earth. x

  • Arianna says:

    Wait wait what? What happened? But I adored the fact that even though your mouth exploded (horrible thing!!!), you managed to write about beauty products =)

    get well soon

  • B Shannon says:

    Love the title, sorry to hear about your mouth!! I also have hardly any blushes tbh, I think it’s time I invest! xx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  • Krista says:

    So sad to hear that you had to leave Paris, but hopefully everything will work out for the best!
    These all sound like lovely bits, and completely justified, given the circumstances 😉
    Keep us updated on how things are going on the dental front!

    x Krista

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