The Little Bits I’ve Bought Lately.

The Little Bits I've Bought LatelyThe Little Bits I've Bought Lately

We all love having a snoop at what other people spend their money on, don’t we?

Lately I haven’t really bought much – just a few bits and pieces to replace some empties or keep myself ticking over. I’m kinda embracing the whole ‘not owning much’ thing. It’s kinda liberating, to be honest.

Apart from the fact that there are some things I just can’t walk past in a store without buying. We all know what I mean. The little bits that leap out like ‘hi hi buy me you know you need me’ and then you just do, justifying it all on your metro ride home. I feel you, and I am here for you.

So shall I share with you what I cam up with for these little purchases? My little ‘oh crap, I spent money and now I have to pretend I needed them’ excuses? Well, if you insist!

Here are some of the little bits that I’ve bought lately:

The Little Bits I've Bought Lately The Little Bits I've Bought Lately

First up is this cream highlighter stick from H&M, in Rose Quartz. I’ve been after a decent highlighter for so long but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t justify nipping into Monoprix and picking up the Mary-Lou Manizer. I’m sorry – I can’t do it. I’ve had a little check and can’t seem to find this on the UK website, but it was about €8 for any interested parties. Weirdly I can’t find it on the French website either so you’re just going to have to take my word that this exists. Anyway…

The colour is a gorgeous champagne pink and is fab for picking up light. It doesn’t contain any massive chunks of glitter and looks fab on my pale-ish skin tone. Big fan. It’s the first swatch on my hand, below.

The Little Bits I've Bought Lately

Next up is something I’ve had my eye on for literally forever. Like, as soon as it was released I’ve been building up the nerve to buy it. The Sephora Dual Tip Contour Stick. Every time I go into Sephora I swatch it and every single time I think ‘no Imii, just use bronzer.’ Well, I was wrong and I can’t imagine my face without this. Seriously, do I not always have these cheekbones? Damn.

I picked it up for just over €14 and I’m happy as a clam. I obviously went for the colour ‘light’, and it fits me pretty well. My only concern is that it is slightly yellow toned, so perhaps not fab for those with cool toned skin. The ‘highlighting’ tip is also a little dark for me but works well under the eyes as a neutraliser. All cool, all cool.

The Little Bits I've Bought Lately

Finally we have the Kiko Automatic Pencil for brows, in shade 04 (which apparently is Auburn but like, I’m dark blonde so who knows…) I was tested on by the nice lady in the shop and she said this was my colour so there we go. This one I can actually fully justify as I do actually need an every day brow pencil, after my beloved limited edition Kiko pencil ran out. Cry. I do have a Sephora powder and wax kit, but at 7 in the morning I tend to just feel so lazy that I’d rather dash on a few extra hairs with a pencil and hit the streets, rather than faff around with powders and waxes and all sorts.

This pencil was around €7 and is very available in the UK – I know that for sure. I’m very very happy with this little pencil and I’m so glad it isn’t a limited edition because I can’t bear the idea of finding another amazing brow product and then it running out. Again.

The Little Bits I've Bought Lately

Is there anything you’ve picked up lately?
Is it just me, or are these photos a little blurry? Not sure what happened there…


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