The Green Eyed Blogger

The Green Eyed Blogger

As you all know, lately I’ve been in a blogging funk.

The weird, and kinda cool, thing is that everyone else seems to be in the same boat. Scrolling through my Bloglovin’ and twitter feeds, its like almost every blogger I know is experience what I can only assume is some kind of burn out with the end of the year drawing closer. I reckon we’re all exhausted. Too much christmas hype, too many ideas in our heads from the entire year, probably too much wine too often.

One of these posts, however, stuck in my mind.

We all know Rhianna over at Robowecop. I don’t even need to do the ‘if you’re not following…’ thing because lets face it, you are. Her post, entitled ‘Blogging Slump’, really hits the nail on the head.

Blogger envy is something I’ve been wanting to write on for a while but have never got round to. A few weeks ago it just kept moving further down the list in favour of more popular posts like ‘look at this stuff that I bought with my overdraft’ and other such things. (Free BarryM Get Up & Glow PaletteA Little Lush Winter Haul etc.)

In this little pearl of a post, Rhi blames her blogging slump on envy, something I feel is entirely rational and reasonable. I blame mine on that too. (I also blame her blog for being my goals so, Rhi, you’re part of the problem k thnkx.) She calls for more freedom to just be herself while blogging, instead of being ‘a blogger’, with alcohol, carbs and netflix galore. I feel it on a spiritual level. And, Rhi, you’re right – no amount of people telling us how much they love our blogs will change the way we feel (not that it’s not nice to hear…)

The Green Eyed Blogger is in all of us.

Don’t even try to deny (that rhymes).

Lately I had a long sit down with Ollie with a huge mug of tea (branded with a well-known sports retailer’s logo) and we talked about my little blogging issue. I showed him tens of millions of blogs that I wanted to be just like. Rhi, Joe, Freya, Sophie, Carrie and a million more. I’d fixate on a little thing that they do and then feel even worse when it just wasn’t working for me. If anything, it just made the problem worse. It was all ‘why can’t I have pretty white photos like Sophie?’, ‘why can’t I find something I’m passionate about like Joe?’, why am I generally just not them?

I’ve spent too long tailoring my blog and my posts and my image to represent something that I’m intrinsically not, but I feel the blogging world is. I am not luxury (but, I don’t know if you know, I do live in Paris…), I’m not a model, I’m not great at editing photos or being cute. My talents mainly roll down into being straight talking, making jokes that aren’t funny, and complaining.

So that’s what n&b is.

Straight talking bad jokes about things that I hate (obv with a positive spin).

You can put that on my headstone.

How many bloggers can say that’s what their niche is? Yeah, didn’t think so.
I’m back, baby!



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  • May Cho says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, Imii, I’m a fucking green-eyed monster and it frustrates the hell out of. If I’m honest, I’ll say that the envy in my perhaps drives me to want to do more but puts me in a what-the-fuck-am-i-actually-doing position.

    I’m not exactly sure what the point of this comment is except to acknowledge and accept this fact as well as to tell you, dammit, Imii, I love your blog!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin’

    • Imii Mace says:

      Yay thank you!
      You’re so right – competition does drive everyone to be better but it has to be healthy! No one wants to be in that awful position because its awful.
      Thank you so much for commenting! You make me blush 😛

  • Honestly, that is one of the reasons I love your blog. Almost always my favourite posts from any blogger are ones where they share their thoughts… no nonsense… just discussing things. And you do it so well!

    • Imii Mace says:

      Thank you!!! Haha no nonsense is one of my selling points as a human being so I’m so happy that I’m getting such positive feedback!
      Thank you so much! xx

  • You made me tear up a bit at my work desk you ass. If your niche is ‘straight talking bad jokes about things that I hate’ that I am soooo ready to read every post 5 times over. Give yourself some love, cause you need it! LONG LIVE N&B

    Joe | x

    • Imii Mace says:

      Joe your comment actually made me tear up a little bit so that’s really cool and also really sad on my front.
      Look out for some crackers that I’ve already written up and scheduled. For the first time I actually enjoyed every second of the writing, scheduling process and I’m so excited for everyone to read them! xx

  • Rhianna Bowe says:

    I LOVE YOU. And man, I LOVED this post! U go gurl *all the sassy emojis*

    Rhianna x

  • Dany Szelsky says:

    Loved this post! and I 100% agree with you. I’ve lately felt the green-eyed monster effect and its horrible! Sometimes I miss the days where you could blog about whatever but now, trying to keep up with the glossy magazine style pictures even though you have no money to buy a camera or mimicking the outfit photos, traveling, and else, is ruining our sense of self in the blogging community. This post was very inspiring. I definitely need to change some things to get back to doing what I love 🙂
    Dany | Endless Dreams

    • Imii Mace says:

      Thank you! You’re totally right. Everything seems to glossy in the blogging world at the moment and it can be so so hard keeping up with it.
      If you’re not happy following that specific mould, you shouldn’t have to do it! I’m breaking free! xx

  • Angharad Bishop says:

    I also read Rhi’s post and think you’re both totally right. But the easiest way to get rid of that green eyed monster is to love what other people do, and put your own spin on it! Your blog is fantastic – and I love reading your bad jokes (I’m also a fan of a cheesy pun – I was trying to explain the Archbishop of Banterbury to some friends today…) Annie xx

    • Imii Mace says:

      Thank you! You’re totally right.
      Also I’m so glad that you like bad jokes because they’re literally my favourite thing. Hahahah baterbury is just the best (as a Theology student, it gets used regularly in my seminars) xx

  • I totally agree i get like that too but instead of getting down about it i think it makes me strive to be better like i see someone with an amazing blog im thinking ill be better i guess that comes from me being insanely stubborn but hey! its just me 😛

  • Just found this post (and your blog) and I can totally relate! I recently came out of my blogging slump but it lasted for around a year! Kind of crazy but I completely lost my ‘blogging mojo’ this year. I’ve fallen back in love with blogging though and have found the key is to be spontaneous with my posts! Followed your blog and looking forward to more posts!

    – Holly x

  • Jennifer Helen says:

    I get so jealous! And I too recently had a blogging slump – there’s something about the start of a New Year that can feel so overwhelming I think. Well done you on finding your niche 😛
    JH |

  • Frey de Fleur says:

    Just found this post and I couldn’t agree with it more! I think with something like blogging it’s really hard to give yourself a pat on the back and think ‘well done me – that was good’ because we work alone. If you work in a team everyone always makes sure that everyone’s talents are recognised and having quite an isolated role like blogging means we rarely take the time to think about what we did well. I need to start taking the time to congratulate myself for working hard – just as if I were saying it to someone else. I’m always so proud of my friends and love to tell them how impressed I am with their work so I don’t know why it’s so hard when it comes to doing that for myself! Great post x

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