The Essence Lip Liner

liners2 With 90s lip liner popping up all over the place and the quest for full lips ever intensifying, I went in search of the perfect lip liner.

Lip liners are something I never thought I’d purchase – my mum always used one and for some reason I came to associate them with getting old. Stupid younger me. With the trend for large, filled lips, however, came a need for something to create a buffer between skin and lipstick, halting that ever annoying ‘bleeding lip’ look.

Now I’m going to be honest and admit that I actually purchased these a good month ago and have been waiting and waiting to write this post and share my love for these pencils. For some reason loads of other things got in the way. No matter. Better late than never right?

I must have tried every lip liner in Boots and Superdrug before stumbling across these in Wilko. Seriously, every single one. For some reason I could never find quite the colour or texture that I liked and it was all a bit disheartening and rubbish. Finding these was a light in the darkness.

I picked these up for £1 a pop in Satin Mauve and Cute Pink to match my two favourite lipsticks: Kate Moss’ Shade 8 and the Essence Longlasting Lipstick, 07. They have a gloriously creamy texture and are in no way drying – I’ve even used Cute Pink as a lip colour alone because its just so lovely. They line the lip quickly and perfectly and do. not. budge. My lips look so much more 3D and fabulous!
liners6liners5Swatches L-R: Rimmel Kate Lipstick, Shade 8; Essence Lip Liner, Satin Mauve; Essence Lip Liner, Cute Pink; Essence Longlasting Lipstick, 07.

At the risk of sounding like every other review out there – I am over the moon with these liners. Seriously. £1 for the perfect liner? Amazing.




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