The eBay Brush Set

The eBay Brush Set The eBay Brush Set

Y’know those Zoeva sets that cost a month’s food allowance and are just stunning?

They can do one.

I mean, they can do one until I’ve sorted my finances out and I can actually afford to both eat, and look attractive. #studentlife

The other day I did one of those ‘click loads of links and accidentally spend money’ things. The ones where you’re reading the news and all of a sudden you’re on ebay looking at mini fridges and fake fur headbands. This time I ended up looking at makeup brushes. This set to be precise.

Yep, that’s right. This ten piece gold and white brush set cost me a whopping, wait for it….. £4.25 including postage.

The eBay Brush Set The eBay Brush Set The eBay Brush Set

Now, I’ll be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing re:makeup and makeup brushes. Because of this I have no idea how these would hold up against heavyweights like RT and Zoeva. Quite a few of my brushes are RT though and I can honestly say that I’ve noticed no difference between them when applying my face.

One of the best things about these brushes (aside from the price, obv) is just how damn soft they are! Seriously, like so so soft. Like stroking your face with a kitten. A happy little kitten. Just imagine that.

Sadly I have no idea what these brushes actually are meant for. Obviously I can guess based on my old brushes, and their shape and stuff. I can tell that you shouldn’t use the big ones on your eyes, for example. So if anyone has any idea just hit me up because I’d really really like to know.

The eBay Brush Set The eBay Brush Set

The eBay Brush Set

I’m assuming that these won’t last as long as any of the super brands, and they are definitely not as well made/put together, so if you’re a big makeup guru then I probably wouldn’t recommend them as your only brush set.

However, if you, like me, enjoy wearing makeup but aren’t a stickler for big brand quality then I highly recommend these. Seriously, at £4 I’d probably recommend them to my dad. Dad, I’m sure you can find a use for these… Cleaning or something? I’d recommend them, anyway.

The eBay Brush Set

Have you picked up any bargains lately?
Would you forego big brand brushes for something a little cheaper?


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  • Charlotte says:

    Such a bargain! Although I have some decent brushes that I love I think it’s good to have cheaper options for the brushes you’re not too sure about or won’t get used often x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  • Imogen H says:

    You definitely just bought these because they look pretty didn’t you? Hahaha I have no objection to that whatsoever because the more I blog, the more I do the same and there goes all my money. So long as I have pretty things to look at, it’s okay. Also ‘sadly I have no idea what these are meant for’, so with you on that and I think I own two brushes in total. My friend just got a set for Christmas and was all like ‘IT’S SO AMAZING THE PRICE IS JUST AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’ and the set was £50. Like whaaaat. In what world is that a bargain? Apparently it was nearly half price and there were 10 or something, I don’t know. Anyway that is not something I will be doing in the near future, so you’ll have to let us know how long these ones last and whether they’re worth the £4 …

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  • Erin MacNeil says:

    Those look so soft! It was my first thought when I saw them. And they’re really cute in their design 🙂 I will always look for a bargain when it comes to makeup brushes. It’s not like I use super-high-quality makeup, there’s no need to spend tons on brushes. In my opinion… Hahah.


  • Jess French says:

    Lovely post. I am so glad I just discovered your blog 🙂

    Jess x

  • These brushes do look good I think I will definitely give them a try. I found some brushes myself on ebay awhile ago that was an exact dupe for the RT Bold Metals Collection and they are so good I would definitely recommend them and I think I only paid just over £6.
    It’s always good to read about beauty bargains so thanks for writing this post 🙂

  • Jess says:

    I’ve just been looking at these – so many people love them!
    Jess | xx

  • Lucy Alex says:

    What an absolute find! I’ve now got a set of these on the way 🙂

    Lucy x

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