The Cleveland Way | Filey to Scarborough

With the weather on Saturday being so fantastic, Ollie and I decided to pick up a little picnic in town and head off for a walk up the coast.

The walk we eventually decided on was the small stretch of the Cleveland Way from Filey to Scarborough. While the who Cleveland Way covers 110 miles and curves around the North York Moors from Filey to Helmsley, we settled on a little 8 mile walk from seaside town to seaside town.

I’ve been spending my holidays in Filey since I was born – thats a whole 2o years for those of you keeping count. My late grandma lived in a little house just back from the front and some of the best days of my life were spent here. I’ve posted about Filey before: British Summertime | Filey Bay and A Seaside Stop: Filey, North Yorkshire so third time lucky!

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I’ve never known sunshine like what we experienced on Saturday – not on the Yorkshire coast anyway. I actually came away with a little bit of sunburn and the back of Oll’s neck is an awful shade of dark red. A red that MAC would be happy with. Think ‘Sunburn Red’. Having packed a fleece and a coat each we felt a little over dressed and swiftly stripped down into t-shirts, even on the windy cliff tops!

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A few hours in we stopped for lunch at a little hidden beach called Cayton Bay, down a very VERY steep pathway.  We spent about an hour just sitting here watching the birds diving for fish, and a few very excited dogs run up and down the beach a million times!

The next stage of the walk took us a little by surprise. Through an almost jungley patch, mostly up hill. At one point we look up the next set of stairs and couldn’t see the top! The photo below is Ollie having finally made it up to the top: ‘If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it properly’ *sprints off up the stairs*

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Having left Filey at around 11:45, we arrived in Scarborough at 16:30 to some speedboat and jet-ski racing! The plan originally was to find somewhere and have a nice cold drink on the front but we were so exhausted and the beach was so packed with people that we decided to hop on the bus back to Filey and grab something on the beach there.

I’m actually in London today, having left Filey yesterday, and I’m already excited to be back in a few weeks. There’s something about childhood havens that make all worries fly away and the rest of the world just seems to disappear! Coming back to London yesterday was a little bit of a bump.



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