The Capital Beauty Box

When I found a discount code for the Capital Beauty Box I almost cried with happiness – money (£12 to be precise) really does buy happiness

capital1When the postman arrived with my box I was so excited – a box of goodies all for me to unwrap and try, all for £12. Perfect. The box itself is a gorgeous black box – I love good storage – that I am quite genuinely going to keep forever and store things in and its so sad that I’m this excited about a little black box, I’m so sorry. Inside, the contents is wrapped in a gorgeous red tissue paper and padded with blue tissue ruffles – very British and very smart. The box also came with a lovely little leaflet explaining all the products (all of which are full sized – aside from the Jimmy Choo perfume).


So the Capital Beauty Box claims to be full of beauty secrets that ‘the stars can’t live without’, while this may not really be the case, the products really are all fabulous so I’m not complaining. All are perfect for summer and perfect for a uni student with an expensive makeup obsession that a student loan just will not cover.


So let’s take a look inside…


There really are some absolute gems inside this little black box, all of which I’ve noticed in the shops or had my eye on for a while. Big brands like Rimmel, Jimmy Choo and Burt’s Bees together with some old reliable favourites like Collection and Stila – there really are some absolute crackers. Seriously, the only downside to the box was that I already owned the colour nail polish given – made an excellent random gift to a friend though!

capital9Lips | The box offers two sensational lip products: the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer and Pixi Lip Blush. I’ve been a fan of Burt’s Bees for years but had never heard of Pixi so I was absolutely intrigued. I was not disappointed. I’m a sucker for a pink lip so this lip pen is the perfect colour for me, and the pigment lasts well – perfect for the handbag. The pen can also be used as a blush which is super exciting and I’ll definitely be giving it a go! As for the Burt’s Bees, I could not be happier with this product! I wasn’t expecting the richness of colour and accidentally used it as a normal balm before the gym – talk about over-dressed. The balm is a gorgeous, long lasting red that really does moisturise and look fabulous!

Nails | As I said, I sadly bought this colour at full price a few weeks ago. That said, I bought it because I loved the colour and have worn it non-stop since. I’d definitely recommend the Rita Ora collection at Rimmel, gorgeous colours and a long lasting finish!capital8

Eyes | I’ve had my eye on the W7 mini nude palette for a few weeks now, so when this Collection palette arrived I was thrilled. I need a good small palette for my trip to Bali (and any other travelling I do) so I am absolutely over the moon. I haven’t had a chance to test the pigments yet so I apologise for a lack of colour review, but they look great and I always hold Collection in particularly high regard! The same can be said of the Collection Lengthening Mascara. The Stila waterproof eyeliner really is the jewel on this beauty crown as it lasts a hella long time and I’ve even worn it to the gym – it does not budge! Apply it in a flash and look fabulous – the dream!


Other | Flash by Jimmy Choo really is a gorgeous scent – something I was a little surprised at as I’m very set in my ways about perfume. It’s a really fresh summer spritz and I really am a huge fan! The same can be said for the 4-Step Nail File and Buffer – perfect for the handbag and a new favourite product of mine. The product I’m most excited about, however, are the StyLondon temporary tattoos. The likes of Topshop are full of these golden tattoos and I’m so happy that temporary tattoos are as cool as they were when I was ten. Perfect for that festival vibe or for the all-important beach trip – I’m a big fan of these and can’t wait to give them a go!

Overall I’m ecstatic with my little box – £12 for some real gems and some new favourites! I really can’t wait to make full use of all of these fabulous things.

Do you have any new favourites?



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