The BodyCoach 90Daysss: 1 Month On

The BodyCoach 1 Month OnSo I’ve now been following the 90daysss plan for a whole month now. I say following – I live in Paris and it was my 21st birthday so little treats have been creeping in.

But, as they say, its a lifestyle change not a diet…

So how have I really been getting on? Well, its been mixed.

As someone with a huge tendency for restrictive eating habits, having a set recipe plan has been both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because I don’t have to worry about whether what I’m eating is actually good for me, and a curse because when I do stray off plan all the guilt creeps in and I end up either binging or just having a plain old panic.

Despite that, and a dodgy two weeks in the middle around my birthday, I actually think the plan has been going quite well. I’ve stuck to it for maybe 70/75% of the time – a poor effort really, but enough to actually see results. Both physically and mentally.

Because of my little slip, I’m actually going to tack on an extra week to the end of Cycle 1, just because I want to have really earned my results (and because I’m a little nervous of the infamous Cycle 2.)

So what have I learnt about myself and my body over the last four weeks?

Perhaps the coolest thing that I’ve learnt so far is that I can actually eat huge amounts of food and still wake up feeling slimmer, leaner and happier. This is the cooooolest thing. Having spent years following the classic crash ‘dust diets’ as everyone else, and waking up hungry and exhausted, this is just the weirdest and best sensation. I look forward to my giant breakfasts and massive lunches and huge dinners. Seriously, so much food!

I’ve also learnt that my stomach cannot handle eggs at 7:30 in he morning. Really can’t handle them. Full on cannot handle them. Weirdly it can manage a lumpy chia seed and oat and coconut smoothie but that’s another story.

I’ve learnt that I’m really bad at exercising. Okay, I’ve always known this. But, this time, because the exercise is so short and different, I’m really struggling to understand it. At university I’d do 30-60 mins of intervals, most days + weights. I’d burn up to 1000 cals in a workout. Now my 20 min. HIIT burns about 200 cals, or less. Weirdddd – but my muscles ache the next day so that’s good, I guess!

Looking forwards to Cycle 2

When I’ve finished my little extra week, I’m going to begin Cycle 2 with so much excitement and commitment. I promise.

I’ve finally managed to join a gym in Paris and am really looking forward to hitting a treadmill and weights, rather than heading down to the park with my skipping rope and making a fool of myself…

I’ve been doing a little research and apparently people really bloat on the 2nd cycle, with the increased carb intake, but its where people like me notice the most results. (By people like me, I mean people who don’t actually have that much to lose and have a generally healthy diet anyway.)

I’m really excited to share how that goes with you all!

Any downsides?

Not really. I mean, my first food shop was so expensive. Think like 60€ for just me. But that’s settled down to about 30€ a week which isn’t too bad at all.

The second downside is a little more ‘my life’ specific as I’m having a bit of trouble finding all of the ingredients in Paris. Spring onions are an Asian Supermarket only kind of deal, so is hoisin sauce. I can only find fat free Greek yoghurt at the Monoprix at St. Germain. Ollie had to send me out some Chinese Five Spice. I’m yet to see a sweet potato but, granted, I haven’t really been looking properly and might have just walked past them. It’s okay though – I’m managing!

So all in all, happy as a clam!




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  • Imogen H says:

    Don’t get me started on sweet potatoes in France. Honestly, the amount of times I picked up a standard looking ‘patate douce’ in the supermarket and it turned out to be a fricking white sweet potato was ridiculous! They’re so much more dry than the orange ones it’s so frustrating. They were quite easy for me to find though, so have a look around – perhaps they were more popular in Southern France! Just try to see if you can find out whether they’re white or orange inside…

    Sounds like the plan is going great. I’m really enjoying hearing your progress on it!

    Imogen //

    • Imii Mace says:

      I KNOW! I have spent hours in the supermarket staring at them like ‘is that going to kill me or is it okay?’ and always chicken out. I didn’t even know that white sweet potatoes existed so thank you for warning me!
      I’ll definitely keep you updated on the plan (: xx

  • Sare says:

    Wow! That’s so good and you’re learning about yourself too! I wish I could eat a bit healthier but I really struggle with timing and I’m allergic to so many things that it makes it a bit difficult! I’ve been trying to play more netball, but I end up counteracting what I’ve done by eating rubbish food – whoops!
    Sarah xxxx

    • Imii Mace says:

      Ah man allergies are just the worst! I’m so jealous of the netball, but don’t worry – I do the bad food stuff too! I guess we do deserve a treat for being active though 😛 xx

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