The Bloggers’ Blog Awards 2016

The Bloggers' Blog Awards 2016 The Bloggers' Blog Awards 2016

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat would my instagram be without a load of impersonal photos of things like walls and doorways and random street corners? Probably not award nominated, thats for sure. I mean, I literally can’t take photos of anything but walls. Well, I can but I really don’t like to. I think walls say a lot about places, don’t they?

So all of these walls in all of these photos belong to the Canal Mills, Leeds, home of this year’s Bloggers’ Blog Awards (hosted and organised by the fabulous Hayley). While you guys were inside taking photos of important things like people and friendship and bloggers and fun, I went for a tipsy little walk, aided by my pal Rhianna, and found some pretty sweet walls and some pretty sweet angles.

I guess all of that means that rather than doing what I usually do and bombarding you with photos of events in the hope that you skim over the words, I’m going to actually have to talk at length about the awards… Well, kinda. Like, I’m not going to describe the colour of the bartender’s eyes or anything.

What I will describe is the general atmosphere and how happy I was just to attend such an amazing event, let alone be up for an award. I got to see some old blogging friends, meet some new blogging friends, drink my way through a bottle of prosecco (did I mention that I don’t drink?) and generally have an amazing day with amazing people in a truly gorgeous place. What more could a gal want?

I’m sure if you search on twitter/insta/google/YT you’ll find loads and loads of content all about the day and the winners and everything that made it so excellent. I’m sorry I didn’t really do my bit to share it, other than the aforementioned wall photos.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a day off blogging and focus on relaxing and having fun with people you automatically have something in common with – and that, for me, was the best part of the day. Everyone was there for the same reason, and everyone had the online world in common. A room full of like minded people celebrating the world’s we’ve created for ourselves online.

All that’s left to say from me is a massive thank you to Hayley and a massive congratulations to the winners who work so so hard to make content that you love. As well as that, a massive congrats to anyone nominated or in fact anyone who has a blog/YT/social presence, no matter how big or small. We all help create days like this for ourselves and that’s pretty darn cool.

The Bloggers' Blog Awards 2016The Bloggers' Blog Awards 2016

Oh and where would us bloggers be without capitalism and the old affiliate links. While I haven’t got any photos of me (I’m sure there will be some candids floating around the blogosphere this week) you can shop my look here:


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