The Best Night’s Sleep For A LONG Time With Leesa

The Best Night's Sleep For A LONG Time With Leesa[left]The Best Night's Sleep For A LONG Time With Leesa[/left][right]The Best Night's Sleep For A LONG Time With Leesa[/right]

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With a whole load of change and stress going on in my life lately, I haven’t really been sleeping well.

Like, I’ll go to bed and spend forever getting comfy and then wake up super early for no reason with a dead arm, etc. I’m shattered again by lunch time and no amount of ‘I’m going to get an early night’ works to get me to sleep until midnight, or later.

This is the part where I say, ‘until now!’

The lovely people over at Leesa have very kindly sent me one of their mattresses to try out for 100 days, and those 100 days later I can very much say that my sleep has improved no end. It’s like falling asleep in a cloud… but less hyperbolic.

I never thought that I was ever really one of those people ‘into sleep.’ I like sleeping, obviously, but was happy to wake up and was a bit of a night owl too. Sleep was a necessary thing that was nice, but not especially essential. The last few years, however, I’ve got old (read: 23). I treasure my sleep like it’s my first born, and look forward to jumping into bed every evening. Waking up is still easy, but wow aren’t duvets so much better than not duvets?

Anyway, shall we talk about my new Leesa mattress?

So for a double mattress, the fact that it comes in a box smaller than me is pretty weird. It’s all rolled up and vacuum packed and surprisingly light for what is, I repeat, a whole double mattress. Once laid out and opened, the mattress fills itself up with air and after a while it’s like it was never flat as a pancake. Shook. It actually inflates super quickly, but takes a little while to reach its full potential. We set mine up in the morning and by bed time it was perfect. Ideal. For something that comes in a box, it ends up massive and comfy and really impressive.

The mattress itself is super soft, but not in a bouncy way. The foam in the mattress is designed to keep you cool when its hot, and to keep you comfy and supported all night. It takes the pressure off your sleeping body, and therefore takes the pressure off you to get a great night’s sleep. You can use that, Leesa.

Can we also just add that for every ten mattresses sold, Leesa will donate one to charity. Awesome. Is there anything that Leesa can’t do??

The Best Night's Sleep For A LONG Time With Leesa

The perfect mattress?

I’m normally a bit of a stickler for mattresses. I always have a bit of a princess and the pea situation going on. What I’ll say about Leesa, however, is that it took me a surprisingly short amount of time to get used to. The first few nights were a little touch and go – getting comfy in a new place is always a challenge – but after that I was sold. I soon settled into the groove, forged myself a little foam next, and lived my dream (literally).

I couldn’t recommend Leesa enough, really. Simple, a lovely grey colour, soft and cosy – they really are the perfect mattress. Thanks so much to Leesa for sending one over for me to try, and for opening my eyes to the joy of a good night’s sleep. I couldn’t have done it without you!

You can bag your own dream mattress over at Leesa – or click the lovely banner below. If you value your sleep as much as you claim to, you’ll do the right thing. x


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