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There are a few things that I really miss about London when I’m in Durham.

The never ending list of things to do, weird little restaurants, and good, cheap ‘thing’ shops that aren’t Wilko or Tesco Home. I mean lets give Tesco and Wilko credit where it’s due, but sometimes having the same mug or brush-holder as everyone else is just tiresome.

This week’s little trip home took me to Tiger. Set up in Copenhagen (European.. fancy) in 1995, Tiger now own over 400 shops across 21 European countries. I’m not surprised at all. I stumbled across the Tottenham Court Road branch last summer and since then have cherished every opportunity to nip in and follow their maze of a shop round to the tills – I’m serious, the store is set up like a little footpath through zones with the tills at the end! Think small-scale Ikea.

Now quite possibly you’re from Europe or London or have a Tiger and I’m coming across as very naive and awful. This reminds me of the time a friend from uni tried to tell me about Wagamamas like London was the only place in the world to have one. Forgive me if I am. Its hard to gage when you spend half your year in a city with a cathedral and not much else!

The great appeal of Tiger is the staggeringly low price of absolutely everything, as well as the wonderful array of little odds and ends that, you wouldn’t have guessed from the title, are perfect for those little spaces in blog photos that need to be filled. I very quickly filled my arms with things and hit the tills. ‘That’s £6 altogether then please…’

From left to right (top image) | White Porcelain Candle Holder Tile: £1 ; Glass and Copper Tea Light Holder: £1 ; Purple Tweezers: £1; White Plant Pot: £2; Crystal Glass Heart Ring Holder: £2 .

kiko2 DSC_1827_Fotor
Aside from the wonders of Tiger, I also nipped into Kiko and Pull&Bear (I’m clearly a sucker for anything with an & sandwiched in the middle…)

My bright pink nails were getting awfully chipped and lunch with Ollie’s entire family the next day looming, I decided that really I needed to refresh my nails with something cheap, quick and classy. Kiko didn’t disappoint with the gorgeous ‘508 Rose Sand’ nail lacquer. A lovely nude that makes my hands look so elegant and goes with everything!

I’m a bit of a weirdo in that I also hate carrying a handbag around. I’m more of a pocket hoarder and this means that large phones, wallets keys etc all have to fit in my coat. This Pull&Bear Wallet Phone Case spoke to me on an almost spiritual level as I can keep my ID, card and a little money with me by day without carrying around the whole world!



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