Switching Up My Wire Board

Switching Up My Wire Board

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s something about displaying things beautifully that makes me really happy. The rest of my room at home is an absolute mess, with shelves overflowing with tat. My bed, however, and the area around it, I like to keep to an okay standard. This includes my wire board, which hangs above the long side of my bed, and stores some of my favourite photos and prints.

It’s only recently that I’ve actually managed to get my board all hooked up to the wall. In my room in Durham I just propped it up on my dressing table, and here it’s just been propped up against the wall for a few months too. But, I thought, enough is enough. Time to get it put up for good.

That said, I’m not very good at doing things and then sticking to them forever, so I used removable sticky hooks (as well as one hook already there) to get it up and running. Sneaky sneaky. No nasty holes in the wall for me when I decide I prefer it somewhere else/become an actual adult with a job and my own place, etc.

My favourite bits displayed on the board are my photographs. At the top is one of me and Ollie at my graduation, earlier in the year. It’s one of my favourite photos of all time, and I have different versions up all over the place: one framed on my bedside table, one as my phone lockscreen, and just hanging out above my bed. Below it is a snap of the metro station I lived at when I lived in Paris that time. Lol, remember that? Cardinal Lemoine is on ligne 10 and was my nearest stop (like really bloody near) and looking at that photo brings back so many memories. Moving even further down is a snap of me at Bow Lake, Alberta. Look at that beautiful blue! The last is me, as a teeny kid, with my tongue full out on Filey beach. It’s my favourite photo of me in the world.

Switching Up My Wire Board [left]Switching Up My Wire Board [/left][right]Switching Up My Wire Board[/right]

Switching Up My Wire Board

Also up there is an Urban Outfitters photobooth slip that my sister and I had taken in Seattle. We cut the bottom photo off because by the time we were four photos in we had run out of ideas and the last is us caught mid-panic. Pretty cool stuff. Just two cool gals enjoying Seattle by visiting a store we have in the UK.

That postcard print of a bicycle is one of my favourites because it also reminds me of Paris. My mum used to send me all sorts of motivational and cute postcards to keep me going when Paris was a bit tough and I’ve kept all of them/only added to my collection. This one is one of my favourites, but I change it up on the reg. It’s nice to keep it fresh.

The Rifle Paper Company print is actually part of their 2016 calendar. When 2017 rolled into town I took the calendar to the guillotine and took off the dated part. Each month is now just a pretty print, that again I change up every now and then. Calendar wise, I now have this cute one from Etsy. Each month has a different flower/herb and what their uses are in folk medicine. It’s so pretty, and I can’t wait to turn the page to October.

You’ll also have noticed the glasses hooked over the print. I do not wear glasses. These are purely used in blog photos as a flatlay prop. How sad am I?

Finally is what inspired this whole thing: my bulb lamp. For £20 in Dunelm, I’m in love. I’ve been after one for what seems like forever and then all of a sudden, one rainy Monday morning, it was there. It’s beautiful. It’s my baby. It pulls everything together so perfectly. x

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Switching Up My Wire Board


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