Sweet Scents For Spring

Sweet Scents For Spring

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]‘m not especially adventurous when it comes to skincare. Especially not when it comes to things like shower gels and lotions. I like my skincare to do the job and not cost me a lot, and smell kinda okay. It’s pretty exciting being me, as you can tell. Every day is a wild day in my skincare life.

So when Patisserie de Bain dropped me a message, asking if I wanted to try some of their range, I was like yeah, why not? I need to branch out, and I’ve seen a lot of Patisserie de Bain stuff in Superdrug and always thought the scents sounded divine, so why bloody not?

A little while later, these three bad boys arrived for me.

Let me tell you, parma violets are one of my favourite retro sweets. They’re small and yummy and taste just on the right side of really weird for them to be awesome. That’s why it was so exciting when these three arrived. Sugared violets, i.e. parma violets. With Spring pretty much, kinda, here, it’s time to get those sickly sweet spring scents going. I currently smell like a walking sweet shop and I love it!

Sweet Scents For Spring

I love this set, from bath/shower, to sitting on the train, they cover everything. The Bath & Shower Crème* is rich and delicious, the Lotion* is smooth, sinks in beautifully and the scent lingers perfectly. Similarly, the Hand Cream* is smooth and leaves hands feeling silky soft and smelling divine.

My favourite thing about the three, however, is the branding. The whole vibe that Patisserie de Bain give off is just so cute. Very pastel and twee and pretty – perfect for completing my little uni bathroom/dressing table. It also reminds me a little of Paris, which is guess is the point, and I love it.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out in Superdrug for the rest of the range. I’m super intrigued by the Lemon Bon Bon collection, and the Cranberries & Cream.

Have you tried Patisserie de Bain?



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