I’m A Sweatshirt Kind Of Gal

I'm A Sweatshirt Kind Of Gal

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a jeans and sweatshirt gal. I’m all about comfort.

Like, obviously I have other clothes. I have some nice shirts and stuff and sometimes I go for a tweed blazer over denim, but on the whole my go-to for lectures/essay writing/general existing is a really comfy sweatshirt.

Don’t worry though. I’m not a sweatshirt prick. You know what I mean.

ROMWE are always in my Facebook advert section. That annoying one in the sidebar telling you to buy things. Well, one day I clicked on it. Could have been a huge error, definitely wasn’t.

From what I can tell, ROMWE seem to be a bit like DFS in that they constantly have a sale on. I got all of these, plus free delivery to France, for about £30. That’s four sweatshirts and free delivery to FRANCE. Yeah. Yeahhhh.

From the millions of sweatshirts on the site, I went for these four. Partly because they’re what I think ‘cool’ is, and mainly because they go perfectly with everything else in my wardrobe (more dark/monochrome sweatshirts and black jeans). My fave is probably the super cute black and white baseball sweatshirt because oh my god cactus.

Quality wise, well, you get what you pay for. I mean, obviously you don’t pay a lot and so if you’re expecting cashmere then you’re a) insane, and b) not going to get cashmere. They are a little bit meh but, as I say, I do only wear them to browse facebook while I’m meant to be listening to a very clever person talking about religion. They’re perfect for sitting comfortably and doing nothing in, definitely for painting a gloriously messy painting, probably not for meeting your boyfriend’s parents in. You know?

All in all though, for just over £7 a head, I’m thrilled. Delivery was FREE TO FRANCE (did I mention that?) and quick, and the sweatshirts are perfect for what I need them for. I also look super cool with a cute little cactus on my boobs so what more could I ask for to be honest?

Are you a sweatshirt gal?
What’s your go-to comfort wear?



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