Sunday Post: Woolly Jumpers and Goodbyes

Woolly jumpers and goodbyes

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his week has seen me take on two challenges: deciding which of my many jumpers to wear in this awful August weather, and saying goodbye to some of my best friends before my move.

All in all I’ve had a pretty up and down week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday saw me saying goodbye to some of my closest friends from home and Durham until I next see them – could be late October, could be next summer! It’s actually been quite difficult and my impending move away has really hit home. This time next week I will have been in Paris for two full days and my parents will be getting ready to leave for England. Pretty scary stuff. A week tomorrow I have my first day of French university. Ahhh! So yeah, it has been a pretty damn emotional time. A lot of ‘come and stay with me in Paris!’ and a lot of ‘oh my god I have to find myself a bank account/insurance/phone contract/internet.’

And what is going on with the weather?! Seriously, I feel like the weather has reflected my up and down week so perfectly! Scorching hot followed by pouring rain and then awful humidity. In the cute little coffee shop that made up Thursday’s goodbye, one of the waitresses was convinced that it was snowing. I’m not sure. Bit too hot for that…

But all this change in the weather has got me thinking about myself a lot too. As I said in my post about my love of early mornings, I am quite badly affected by SAD in the colder, darker months – so much so that even a darker summer evening can bring in the blues. Pretty rubbish really. But with the rain comes a lot of opportunities that I am going to grasp. The grass will be tall, luscious and greener on MY side.

As I’m going to be living alone in Paris, and we all now how cold Paris can get, I’ve been brainstorming ways to keep these wintry thoughts at bay! Something I have realised lately is how much my diet and exercise affects my mood. Since starting university, a good two years ago now, I’ve managed to put on about a stone. I’m sluggish, depressed and none of my clothes fit like they used to. Looking at pictures from sixth form and freshers make me sad. Basically, I’m a little bit of a mess when it comes to my self-esteem and weight. Time to get back on track and ditch the uni-flab, perfect for my new Parisienne lifestyle!

Last night I signed up for the 90daysss plan by @thebodycoach and I’m so excited! I’ve heard some amazing things and seen some stunning results so I can’t wait to get started. I am going to kick my massively unhealthy relationship with food and restriction for good!

Next Sunday I’ll be reviewing my goals from the beginning of summer, as well as posting the first of my monthly health, fitness and weight loss updates! Be very excited – I know I am! (I’ve promised myself my first OOTD post when I hit a big goal so plenty of motivation to push me through…)

– I’m also going to issue a warning here and now that the week after next my internet may be a little sporadic and awful (think going to cafés to use wi-fi). I’m going to schedule as much as I can but you probably won’t hear much about Paris until the next week. My instagram will be alive and well though! –

Well, here we go people! The big week has arrived!



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  • Iona says:

    Aw, I bet it was hard to say bye to everyone, but you’ll meet lots of new French friends in no time. I’m envious! I wish I was going to live in Paris.

    – Iona

    • Imii Mace says:

      It was unbelievably hard – when I got home from each one I had to sit quietly for a few minutes and talk myself back into be excited for Paris! Despite all the goodbyes I really can’t wait – not long at all now! xx

  • Martha Jane says:

    Imiiiii this is so exciting! It might seem horribly daunting right now, but you’ll have the time of your life when you’re there! And remember there’s a huge network of bloggers that you can talk to whenever you’re feeling lonely or down, me included! <3 x

    Martha Jane |

    • Imii Mace says:

      I know I’m so so excited! I swear to god my blog is the only thing that will keep me going through the first few weeks so I’m definitely going to be relying on you guys a lot (: xx

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