Sunday Post: Who Wears Short Shorts?

I can honestly say that I have never owned more than two pairs of casual shorts in my life.


I don’t mean shorts in general, I mean summer shorts like jean shorts or whatever (sports shorts etc. don’t count). I am coming up to 21.

As I shared with you on Tuesday, I have a disgustingly warped relationship with health and fitness.ย So, naturally, I am also horrendously self-conscious.

I am what is known in the (awful) world of body shapes as pear shaped. Which is cool. I have no problem with this because my top half is fabulous and I can lose weight off my belly just by thinking about it. I’m also not one to get caught up on such a disgusting way of labelling a woman’s body – I am not a fruit.

However, I do have big legs. Not big in a shapely way. Just big. Again, this isn’t a problem – I look good in jeans, etc. But I absolutely dread summer every year. Every single year about now all the nerves and and anxiety creeps in and I find myself wshing it was winter again. So to answer my title question: I do not, ever, no way, wear short shorts. Or skirts or dresses. Yeah, summer is quite hot when you’re me.

So why am I sharing all of this with you?

I have promised myself that this summer while in Bali I will own and wear a pair of denim shorts, something I have never done before. I once made a pair out of a pair of old black jeans, wore them for a week and threw them away.

On Wednesday I tried on a pair of Superdry denim shorts. Superdry is such an awful shop if you’re self conscious because their sizes come up so so small. I therefore tried on a size bigger than I would normally try if I was feeling meh.

I’m going to be honest now, they looked good. I looked good. Damn, I looked good. Not perfect, not how I’d like to, but I felt comfortable AND they were a little too big. Awesome.

So this is what I have challenged myself to. As I’ve said a few times recently, I am on a bit of a health and fitness kick. If I can smash the next two months I am going to go back to Superdry, whatever my size or weight or whatever, and buy myself my first pair of denim shorts. ย I’m honestly so so excited.

Is there anything you’ve done that has scared you recently?
Was it as bad once you’d done it?


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