Sunday Post: The Small Things

It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time in the coffee shops of durham

In fact, if you want to find me your safest bet really is to try Esquire’s, top floor. I’m willing to put a fiver on that being where I am. Expect to find me in full sports kit, having either just been at the gym or generally skipping the gym altogether. Classic me.

With exam season officially kicking off this week (my first is on Friday), my relaxed trips to Esquire’s have been a little less happy. I do tend to find myself hunched over something that needs to be read and learnt, not really focusing on anything and all together having an average time.

So this has got me thinking, what are the things that I appreciate a lot but are so mundane that they never cross my mind? Well, a lot of things.

small things

Appreciating the smaller things in life is ridiculously difficult and takes a lot of time and effort to get right. As someone slowly embracing a plant-based lifestyle I know how hard getting rid of some of life’s staples can be – pasta without cheese was the hardest change I’ve ever had to make. But unless something is staring us in the face like that, do we ever really know what we have?

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful family and fabulous friends that grow in number all the time. I am healthy (if a little unfit) and have fresh food and water whenever I want or need it. In a world where happiness is very much based on relativity, I have it made.

Sometimes this isn’t enough though – and that’s okay.
Something we are told too often is that we should be grateful because of others who don’t have what we do (the old ‘there are children starving in …’ line comes to mind) and while this is of course true, our own problems or unhappiness should never be diminished by those who, if anything, make you feel worse about yourself. Michael Jackson didn’t sing about men in mirrors for no reason!

When things get a little patchy and everything is seemingly wrong, what do we have to fall back on?

small things2

I am slowly learning to treasure the moments and opportunities that I am offered, and those I choose to make for myself.

Whether it be coffee with my Bloglovin’ feed, pizza with a good friend, or an evening spent blogging with 13 Going on 30 on Netflix, making sure that everything you do is treated as a positive act can do wonders for relaxation.

Next time you find yourself doing you seem to always do, take a step back and really think about it and what it means for you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

(Shout out to my parents for sending me that huge stash of revision food! So so grateful to them for their support.)



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  • Caterina says:

    omg love the pics. that pizza looks delicious, I could eat it right now (even if here it’s 10am!)
    small things are always the best, last night one of my friends told me”I could simply sit on the pavement and it would be the perfect night out if you ,my friends, are with me. I don’t need a lot to be happy” <3
    lovely post

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube
    Enter my Sephora Giveaway<3

    • Imii Mace says:

      That’s such a lovely thing to say to you! It’s so great to have such fabulous friends (: that pizza really was so delicious and vegan too! Have a lovely day xxx

  • Katie Jane says:

    Good luck with your first exam. I wish my parents would send me a food hamper! Katie x

  • Imogen Hoare (@imogenhoare) says:

    13 going on 30!! I haven’t watched that in so, so long. I think that’ll be tonight’s movie! I really like this post, and I feel like blogging and the blogging community in general has really helped me to appreciate the little things in life a lot more. I’m also seriously jealous of that revision food hamper. Your parents are so thoughtful!

    Imogen //

    • Imii Mace says:

      Snap names wooo! But yes I definitely agree that the blogging community has really made me appreciate things so much more (: and 13 Going on 30 is amazing watch it right now! xx

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