Sunday Post: The N&B Brand

business business1As you may have noticed, over the past week or two my blog and instagram have had a little bit of a refurb. I told you all about my insta rebrand a few posts ago so now its time to let you know what’s been happening with n&b too!

I’m slowly turning nettle&blackberry into a brand that I can be proud of. Creating a look that covers all my social media and really turning n&b into a little business venture (in a very very loose sense).

To really hit the ground running I decided to treat myself to a box of amaaazing business cards for events (and general life). Business cards are things that I often find myself needing at the most random and unexpected times so I thought getting some made up and keeping a few in my wallet would be a good idea. They’ll also be perfect for the #BigBloggerConference next weekend!

To add to my new professional outlook on life I’ve also started running advertisement slots! Woooo! You can find out all about the package on my new advertiser page – the exciting thing is that for the months of September and October they’re only £1 a pop. £1!! Seriously, you can’t get anything for £1 these days so it’s a massive bargain! I’m literally so so excited by this, you have no idea.

Just a short and sweet post from me today. I just wanted to share how thrilled I am that my blog is starting to develop into something as wonderful as it is. I’m just so happy.

Also, how much do you love my first ever attempt at a DIY French polish? I mean seriously I’m such a pro. Since Bali I’ve actually started to stay away from bright coloured nails and makeup. Something about being natural out there really connected with me and so French seemed the obvious way to go to keep some glam but lose the extra. I’m actually really enjoying it. New me, right?



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