Sunday Post: Sharing My Bali Itinerary


I am currently just under a week into my Bali trip. (Have I mentioned that I’m on holiday in Bali?…)

I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know what my trip actually entails! Remember that I’m actually sat in my own bed on a Friday evening writing this so don’t take it as gospel but the basic structure is the same! Now, lets get our Sunday 12th heads on…

So we flew out on Tuesday afternoon and arrived in Bali on Wednesday night at 11.30. Nice long trip out here! Immediately we set off for our first hotel in Kuta, just south of the airport. Kuta is known as a bit of a tourist trap in Bali and plays host to a brilliant night scene, be filled with brilliant shops and offer cheap food and alcohol. Classic British abroad. We spent Thursday here and then move on on Friday morning.

So next up is Munduk, in the North of Bali. This is one of Bali’s mountain retreats and is home to Bali’s jungle and amazing waterfalls! Here we hiked and looked at the incredible mountain views before moving back inland to Ubud, where we are now!

We have planned to stay for a few days in Ubud as its essentially Bali’s capitol! There’s a elephant sanctuary, a monkey temple and a million yoga classes on offer throughout the town. It’s also the cheapest place to stay – costing us around £3 a night! Living the dream.

From here we go to Padangbai, known for its snorkelling, and from there we jump on a boat to the part of the trip I am most looking forward to: Gili Meno. Meno is one of the Gili islands located just off the Lombok coast, east of Bali. It’s known as a bit of a honeymoon spot and has gorgeous beaches and even a turtle sanctuary. I know. This is where the relaxing half of our trip really kicks in as we chill in the sun on a gorgeous island paradise.

From Meno we sail to another island on Bali’s east, Nusa Lembongan. NL is known for being a bit cool and surfey and I’m excited for staying a few days there before jumping on a boat to Sanur then flying out from the airport at 9pm. Basically, so damn exciting!

So there’s a little rundown of what I’ve been/will be up to!



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