Sunday Post: Reviewing my Summer Goals

summerAt the beginning of this summer I wrote up a little list of the things I wanted to achieve before my big move. Now, a few months later, its time to take a look and see how I got on!

1 | Work on my relationship with food, health and fitness.

This one is a tough one. I HAVE worked on it, a lot, but not in the way I anticipated. I’ve started to relax more, rather than tighten up, and while I’ve had a lot of trouble accepting that – I’m really glad that I have! I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve allowed myself a little confidence in my own body. That’s pretty sweet.

Last weekend I signed up for The Body Coach’s 90 day plan and I’m really excited to get started and re-learn what it means to be healthy, fit and active.

2 | Work on really establishing N&B

This one is what I’m most proud of achieving this summer! My views have almost tripled, my followers have doubled and my blog look pretty damn sweet. I’m thrilled and I’m so excited to continue n&b into Paris and beyond! Massive win!

I have business cards printed, my instagram is blossoming and my blog is started to pick up a lot of steam.

3 | Get to grips with the idea of living abroad

Well, technically I’m now in Paris and have been for two whole days. I’m more at peace with the idea of leaving my friends and Durham but I’m still as scared as ever. Tomorrow I start school properly and I’m terrified – but hey, that’s life and I’ll get over it.

4 | Take a look at my disaster of a wardrobe

Done! I had a massive clear out at the beginning of summer and got rid of a lot of the things I’ve been wearing since school. A massive overhaul and a happier me!

I’m still not 100% happy about my clothes, however. I think once I’ve got the hang of The Body Coach I’ll start appreciating my form more and the clothes I can dress myself in. At the moment it’s very much just jeans and jumpers for me.

5 | Last but not least, have a great summer

I’ve had an absolutely amazing summer, from two weeks in Bali to catching up with old friends. I’ve had a blast! But now its time to move on.

From now on I’m going to be scrapping the ‘Sunday Post’ in favour of something more relevant. Sometimes I find myself really stuck for things to write and a little bit restricted by having to write something every Sunday and make it interesting. I’ll be honest – its really annoying. From now on my Sunday Post will be about all things Paris, and may not be every single Sunday. I feel a lot freer even typing this – I’m just so bored of sticking to a bit of a blogger norm.

So there we are – all in all a pretty successful summer – now on to the next amazing chapter!



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