Sunday Post: Pink Hair? Don’t Care

I dip-dyed my hair a gorgeous candyfloss pink this week! What do you think?I dip-dyed my hair a gorgeous candyfloss pink this week! What do you think?

So this week I had a bit of the mid-exam time crazies and decided to get in the summer mood by dying the ends of my hair a gorgeous candy floss pink. Pink hair? Well why not?!

The dye I used was SmartBeauty’s pastel hair colour in Candy Floss and was about £3 from one of my favourite budget stores, Savers. I’m going to be honest and tell you that I really wasn’t expecting much from the dye – Savers can always be a little hit and miss with products, being a discount store, but I’m actually really happy with my ends so it just goes to show!

I dip-dyed my hair a gorgeous candyfloss pink this week! What do you think?

Going down the old colourful dip-dye trend is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now and have never really had the time or drive to do it – it’s definitely been more of an ‘I can’t be bothered to go out and buy dye/book a hair appointment’ thing than anything else. There’s also the added issue of what my mother is going to say when she sees this. Ollie is a little ‘meh’ on it but ah well – I didn’t do it for him so where’s the problem?

A few years ago I dip-dyed my little sister’s dark hair a gorgeous red tone (y’know, when dark red hair was EVERYWHERE). It was actually so fun and since then I’ve been absolutely itching to do my own. Having blonde hair is a bit of a problem though as any extra colouring can completely ruin it all (I should know). Basically, I’m a scaredy cat.

Last week I was living at a friend’s to be closer to exam venues and to escape the pit of despair that is my uni house. There is was convinced, with the help of a friend from school, that I should totally go for it and that it would look super cool. For some reason I tend to go with school friends over uni when it comes to things like this (probably completely unjustified) and on my way to the gym that afternoon I nipped into Savers to buy the dye I’d been eyeing up for months.

This is actually the result of two ‘coats’ of the bright pink, strawberry scented dye. It’s supposed to last between 3 and 10 washes but I reckon I’ve ruined the ends forever. Luckily I’m getting my roots done in just over a month so if it all has gone wrong I’m sure I could get a cheeky fix, or even just cut it all off!

It really does feel like summer is just around the corner now. Exams are over. The sun is out. People are drinking in every single outdoor space available in Durham. I now have pink hair.

Tomorrow we leave Filey and head down to London for lunch with Ollie’s family and a little bit of pre-Bali shopping. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit worried about what they’ll think of my hair. Have to be the height of sophistication and perfection for their little boy! (I joke…)

Have you done anything a bit out of your usual comfort zone this week? Have exams really driven you insane?
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