Sunday Post: One Exam Left / It’s Okay

sunday3I’m currently sitting in my pants in bed having sat three long exams in the last 26 hours. It is safe to say that I am absolutely exhausted.

Yes I am writing this on a Thursday night. I have a few pretty busy days ahead of me with my last exam on Tuesday so I’m having to do a bit of forward planning. I’ll take the photos for it at some point too – hopefully.

Today is a well earned night off. I’m so tired that I havent even had dinner yet and already I’m falling asleep. 5 hours today, 2 yesterday afternoon. Lots of writing. Lots of realising I don’t know that much. Lots of relief that its done.

My pant sitting, chocolate eating antics have got me thinking. If I told people I was doing this, what would they say? My closest friends would probably laugh and join in. Others would probably look at me like I’m insane.

I shouldn’t have to feel bad for kicking back in my underwear and watching tv. But what else should I not have to feel bad for?

It’s okay….

It’s okay to ‘forget’ to take your makeup off after a particularly long and tiring day/night out. You’re not going to hurt anyone and your face will be fine.

It’s okay to wear odd socks because you have no idea what’s clean and what isn’t and when you’re next going to do a wash and where the right sock even actually is!

It’s okay to plan things like revision over and over again to feel productive, but really you’re getting nothing done at all.

It’s okay to buy ANOTHER lipstick because this one is just the perfect shade and you have one in between but not this one and its perfect!

It’s okay to feel jealous and happy at the same time. You’re only human – just don’t let it turn against you.

It’s okay to feel like you want to cover your body at the beach. Body confidence is hard and you shouldn’t be made to feel bad because you’re uncomfortable with how you look. Its okay not to be ‘beach ready in your own head.’

It’s okay to go to bed at 8 o’clock at the weekend if thats what you need. Similarly, it’s okay to wake up really early on a Sunday. You do you.

It’s okay to break up with someone you have doubts about, no matter how small. Doubts do nothing but get bigger and you will save a lot of hurt in the future.

It’s also okay to stay with them. Again, you do you. Keep happy.

It’s okay to go out for cake on a non-training day.

It’s okay that you think Blurred Lines is really catchy. It is. Catchy like chlamydia but still…

It’s okay to find comfort in a few of these things – sometimes we all need a pat on the back and a warm hug.

The blogging world is so full of perfect photos and wonderful ‘how-to’s and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming – especially if you’re not a pro at either of those things like me. My blog is about me being me and sharing it. Its okay if that’s all yours is too. Its also okay if you’re one of these amazing people!

Being permanently stressed and tired as I am at the moment, I’ve been doing things that a lot of people would frown upon. A lot are listed above.

But that’s okay. It’s really okay.

We’re all human and we’re all imperfect and beautiful. We should embrace our ‘bad habits’ and misgivings. Life would be so boring without them.




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