Sunday Post: Looking Back At #100HappyDays

On Tuesday this week I finally finished the instagram phenomenon: #100happydays

At the moment, owing to mountains of revision and exams, I haven’t got a lot to talk to you about this Sunday – it was actually quite lucky that #day100 fell where it did! I thought I’d share a few favourites with you in the spirit of happiness.

These photos range from any time since before Christmas to now – I didn’t post a photo every day because lets face it, who has 100 happy days in a row? They’d all be quite boring photos and we’d all give up after day 10.

First Square | Lots of food and relaxation in this first square: vegan pizzas at Pizza express, green smoothies, vegan ice-cream and pancakes. Aside from food, there’s a throwback to the ColorRunUK last year with my boy, a gorgeous ring set and elephant that he kindly bought me, some fabulous nails from Savers (classy gal), gingerbread making at Christmas and an Edinburgh street. I love the colours in these photos – I’ve never been one for extreme filters and love bright colours for instagram. It makes your feed look so tropical!


100happy3Second Square
| My first happy day was spent in the library writing one of my many essays from last term – still, so much colour! My mummy bought me these shoes just before I came back to Durham for the summer term and I adore them. They’re so comfortable and perfect for summer with jeans. And more food! Vegan chocolate from Ollie and a lovely ‘nana and red berry smoothie. I do associate delicious food with happiness and have grown to see this as a bad thing. But if food makes you happy then why worry about it?

Third Square | A bit of a spring/summer theme to this last square, with the seaside, days in the countryside daffodils and summer nails! A bit of a pamper session last week, and a trip to the Durham pop-up vegan cafe with Ollie (he wasn’t keen) as well as a Christmas selfie with my little sister. And, of course, my 100th happy day – a delicious breakfast of avo on toast with melon and raspberries. Healthy and delicious!

So how about you? Have you had #100happydays?

I think when I reflect on the project it was definitely worth while – it really does show that there is a little happiness every day, regardless of how boring or mundane something may be. Looking back at some of the memories it does make me smile and remember things that made me happy. A perfect follow up to last Sunday’s post on The Small Things!

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