Sunday Post: London Riviera


London is not normally the place to find beach vibes and brightly coloured sun-loungers, but strangely enough, outside City Hall, Ollie and I found a little pop-up London Riviera.

Obviously the South Bank is known for being a little bright and colourful, with street-food markets and stalls, music halls and restaurants, so there’s normally something going on around the London Bridge area. Last year there was a pop-up German beer hut, similar idea, and I remember spending a long awkward hour sitting there with an ex trying to ‘still be friends’ before I caved and texted Ollie to take me away. Perfect.

This summer the patch of concrete outside City Hall is taken by something a little more sunny. Tired after a fancy lunch out and preparing ourselves for a busy next day, Ollie and I pulled up a cushioned sun-bed, ordered ourselves some freshly squeezed juice (because the cocktails were £10 each. I mean come on. Even the tourists must realise that’s not on…) and lay back dreaming of Bali.I had a lovely beetroot, apple and cucumber juice and Ollie slurped up a watermelon lemonade. Bliss.

My heart went out a little to Ollie who had come from the Palace that morning and was in a suit and tie – the heat was getting to him a little. Luckily he blended in quite nicely with all the lawyers and accountants that work in the big glass buildings behind so not the end of the world.

I absolutely adore things like this. Things a little bit different to the normal city scene. In Durham there isn’t a lot of room for pop-up tropical bars (Paradise Disco just doesn’t count, I’m sorry). London is always one of those weird places where you can be busy and relaxed at the same time. I love it. Its just so nice to have such a brilliant change of pace in such an unexpected location. And Tower Bridge right there too?! The Dream.

Have you found anything a little different lately?



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