Sunday Post: J’habite a Paris (+New Hair!)

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So this week has seen me take quite a few massive steps forward. 

One of the most exciting things was my little trip to Paris where I sorted out my new flat (!!!) and slowly to terms with some of the massive changes coming up in my life. This week I learnt that I’m really really bad at French. Like, I knew I was bad but oh my goodness me. Those four years since my iGCSE A* fluke have been very long indeed. My mum’s best friend lives a few hours outside Paris and she was brilliantly patient with me. Annoyingly I could understand 80% of what everyone was talking about but ask me a question and BAM frozen up like an ice lolly. That said, after a horrendously strong ‘French Kiss’ cocktail on Wednesday evening, my tongue loosened up brilliantly and I was chatting away en francais like a native. Okay not quite.

So having shared with you the stress of finding myself somewhere to live in Paris a few months ago I can say with great confidence that I have found the flat of my dreams. It’s in a little gated courtyard in the centre of the Latin Quarter of Paris and takes me around 20 mins to walk to my university through the Jardin de Luxembourg and around the Paris Pantheon. Its actually being refurbished at the moment and will be so beautiful when its finished. Think blogger-white walls and massive Parisian windows. It’s also not even a studio! It has a separate kitchen around the corner and I have a real bed AND a sofa! Honestly, I am truly blessed to have been offered it and I will be eternally grateful.

In other exciting news, I’ve had all my hair cut off. My beautiful long blonde hair is now up by my shoulders and an absolute nightmare to maintain BUT I’m slowly coming to terms with it. I do this every two years or so. I cut my hair a lot shorter, regret it until it’s long again and then cut it short all over. The only problem that I have with my hair when its short is its ability to make me look a bit chubby, especially when I wear the clothes that always looked amazing with my hair down. It can also make me look like a long-haired teenage boy if I don’t style it. Not a fantastic look.
IMG_4899My hair quite desperately needed a cut. Lately my hair has been quite unnaturally blonde and the bleaching had taken its toll on my hair’s health. After having my hair toned down a little before Bali (back to my natural dark ashy blonde) my hair was still as awful as before. Seriously, it took the hairdresser an hour to brush through it because of all the tangles. Bad, bad times. I can now say that it takes me thirty seconds to brush through my hair and no time to dry it perfectly. Living the short-haired dream. Hopefully it’ll grow back as healthy as it was before my bleaching parties.

Everything seems to be falling into place and I’m so excited!


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  • Your hair looks so lovely at that length, and your photos are beautiful!

  • Alex says:

    The flat sounds absolutely amazing, like a dream apartment <3 I was the same when I moved to France, I would totally freeze up when expected to speak French but after a while it becomes much easier 🙂 Your hair looks gorgeous that length! X

    A Blonde Moment

    • Imii Mace says:

      Honestly, its my absolute dream home (for a 20 year old student)! I’m glad you felt the same way and that it got easier for you – gives me some hope haha! Thank you! xx

  • Imogen H says:

    Congratulations on finding the apartment! I’ve just received my deposit back from my French landlady and it’s hit me that my year abroad is officially 100% over. I almost don’t want to read your posts from Paris because I’m going to be so jealous, but it’s kind of nice seeing other people experience it too! Your French will increase so long as you push yourself with it. If you really want to learn it again then get yourself even just one French friend, or go to these special exchange evenings! I study a degree in French and didn’t do that and although I had such a great year I regret not pushing myself so, so much.

    Oh and your hair looks very pretty by the way, I totally get how you feel and am literally putting off the chop right at this moment (it’s been 9 months since I’ve had it cut!) Somehow long hair always feels worse and more damaged, but is actually so much easier to make little effort with. Having said that, everyone seems to have that effortless long hair, and so shorter hair like yours can look a lot more striking & unique. I also feel like it looks more glamorous and professional, but that’s just me!

    Imogen //

    • Imii Mace says:

      Thank you!! Ah no that must be the weirdest feeling, I’m glad you can live through me for another year 😛 My course will be in French so it’ll help me a lot and I’m definitely planning on making French friends. It’d be a massive waste of a year to go and only talk to English people – I can do that in Durham!
      I completely agree that long hair is so much easier to style because you can just leave it and it looks nice. Having to put a curl in my hair every day is so so annoying but it was definitely worth it. My hair is so much healthier now! xx

  • Cio says:

    Imii! You look great! Got some hair envy haha

    – x

  • Laura says:

    Your apartment sounds so lovely – glad you’ve managed to get everything sorted! P.s. your hair looks tip top – will reply to your email tomorrow <3 xx

    Laura |

  • louieandcoco says:

    You are living in Paris! Lucky girl!! The Luembourg gardens are one of my favourite places to visit in Paris

  • Cherie says:

    Such exciting times! Your Paris flat sounds AMAZING – can’t wait to see some pictures hopefully (pretty please?) and hear all about your life en francaise (doesn’t even make sense whaa)! Hope you’re settling in well and enjoying it 🙂 AND YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD! My hair gets awful tangles as well, and it takes ages to comb them out… I also cut it short about a month ago, and loving the fuss-free-ness of it all!

    Cherie x

    • Imii Mace says:

      I’m thinking that once I have it all sorted I might make a little vloggy video showing you round if you’d like? Short hair has definitely given me such a rest from having to brush it all the time! xx

  • Katie Louise says:

    It sounds so exciting – I wish I’d been able to do a year abroad in Paris! (Not that I can speak very much French… or at all.) Looks beautiful. And I love the hair cut! I’ve been trying to grow mine out but I’m getting to the point where I want to chop it all off again.

    • Imii Mace says:

      Haha don’t worry, I can’t speak any French at all so it’s going to be a massive challenge for me! I can’t wait for my hair to grow back but it definitely needed the chop. Let me know what you decide to do! xx

  • Julia Speaks says:

    Hey, I just discovered your blog and it’s really cool! It’s nice that you found a good flat in Paris, it can be so hard to get good housing there. And for speaking, practice is the key of course, you’ll soon be able to speak more easily – it was the same when I went to England, I could see myself getting better as weeks passed 🙂
    Are you in the Paris 4 – Sorbonne university? I’ll be following your adventures in Paris!

    Julia xx
    | |

    • Imii Mace says:

      Yay I’m glad you found me and I’m glad you like my blog (: I’m so relieved to hear you say that you could feel it getting better – I’m so worried that even with practice it just won’t progress haha! So irrational, I know.
      I’m actually going to be studying at the Institut Catholique, just west of the Luxembourg Gardens! xx

  • Imii Mace says:

    Its so gorgeous, isn’t it? And my uni is just the other side so such an amazing walk every day (: xx

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