Sunday Post: Introducing a New Feature!

So I’m back in Durham for another term!

The summer term is both my most and least favourite term, pretty much simultaneously. For the first five weeks or so I have nothing but revision and exams, and then for the five weeks after that nothing but sun, friends and trips to the beach.

It has been a really long few days, with 5am wake-ups and long car journeys, followed by yesterday’s Bishop Aukland Food Festival fun (expect a write up in the next few days!) If I’m honest I can’t wait to just spend a day sleeping – roll on Thursday!

I’m a little apprehensive about term starting – exams, essays back, spending my last term for over a year with my friends, etc. I guess I’m just going to have to smash it. Seriously smash it. (Also one week closer to the end of term means one week closer to Bali so I can’t be too sad!)

In the next few weeks expect posts about revision and exams and all the things I’m doing to very effectively procrastinate.

So from that introduction, I’d like to introduce to you a new feature on nettle&, ‘Imii tries…’

sundaypostminivandoilI’m going to be having a go at all the crazy, or not so crazy, things flying around the internet. Whether it be oil pulling, juice fasting, supplements, whatever, and then writing up my findings and letting you all know. (I’m just so damn sciency)

So is there anything you’d like to know more about, or want an honest review to a fad or product? Let me know and I’ll look into it!

Watch this space to see what my first review is!

Just to reassure you: I would never EVER try something that may be dangerous to my health or safety. I am of no.1 importance and if I am uncomfortable with something I will 100% stop.

Last Week: Thoughts of an Average Runner, A Little of London // Mini Haul, Review // Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick, A Seaside Stop: Filey, North Yorkshire

Next Week: Next week I face the last of my lectures for second year, and in fact in Durham for over a year! I’m actually going to start revising (exams are now less than a month away…) and I’m going to give oil pulling a go! Oh and I’m going to be upping my photo game with a few new signature props and background so look out for all about that!


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