Sunday Post: I’m Back from Bali! (& Content Overhaul)

Gili Meno, Bali, 2015Well, here I am, sitting in bed after a good 15 hour sleep, listening to the rain on the window wishing I was back in Bali

It’s currently Friday morning and I feel hungover. My journey back from Bali turned into a bit of a long disaster as a result of the erupting volcano on the nearby island of Lombok, and so as of last night I had been awake for 48hours. Great stuff. Needless to say I felt wonderful last night as I tried to keep myself awake long enough to beat jet-lag.

To explain: we arrived at Bali’s airport a good four hours before our flight was supposed to leave, having checked in at 3 that afternoon. (We were so early because of a deal we found regarding boats and shuttle buses, don’t ask.) Needless to say, we were informed, almost accidentally, a good two hours later that our 11:30pm flight had been postponed to 7:55 the next morning because our plane hadn’t actually left Dubai to come and get us. Bam. A night spent on a cold marble floor in a mosquito ridden, open fronted airport, waiting for death to come. And that doesn’t include the two flights (9 hours and 7 hours) that followed, as well as the stop in Dubai airport. Don’t do travel. It’s not worth it.

I’m lying of course. My trip to Bali was AMHHAAZING! Two weeks of amazing food, culture, sun, sand and fun. One of the very best two weeks of my life. If you missed my little rundown you can find it again here, but needless to say I am absolutely shattered, in awe of Indonesia, and raring to go again. There will obviously be a series of Bali posts to come – mainly photo diaries – so keep an eye out for that! You can also check out my instagram for a sneak peak.

This is all well and good, but what about the future?

Aha! That is a good question, my friend. A very good question. My big two week holiday is over and now it’s back to the struggle to find a Paris flat, working on my French, and cracking down on updating my blog!

Over the next few months, N&B is going to be undergoing a little bit of a content overhaul. Scary stuff.

While in Bali, away from my blog and laptop, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted from N&B and what I felt truly passionate about. What started out a short few months ago as a simple beauty blog like everyone else’s will soon develop into something more personal. My blog is mine and quite frankly, make-up has never been my thing. Not to the point where I can write endlessly on it. I’m far more interested in sharing with you my life, laughs and losses. My followers are my friends and friends share their lives!

So what can you expect?

  • Well, I’ll be moving away from the pink butterflies (see my new blog header) and more towards something a little brighter! I really love colour and want as much colour in my life as possible. As much as I love pink and fluffy, my life is not pink and fluffy and I want my blog to really reflect that!
  • More of a focus on my lifestyle and daily adventures. I love sharing my photo-diaries with you (like this one of the Cleveland Way, Yorkshire) and want to do more! As I say, you guys are my friends and friends share their endless annoying holiday photos with each other until we pass out…
  • Health and Fitness. My two most loved/hated words in the world. I’m going to really start cracking down on myself, inspired by the Bali vibe, and share it all with you. Expect more of the ‘Imii Tries…’ series and far more healthy living posts!
  • Paris. Last but not least, in any way, is my move to Paris. The big shebang. What we’ve all been waiting for. Starting in September I’m going to keep a regular slot open for the Parisian lifestyle. Be excited (I know I am!)

So that’s me! I’m sorry for the super long post – had a lot to share after two weeks away… I’m really excited about sharing more of my Bali snaps with you, as well as moving forward with my blog and content. Seriously, I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it.



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