Sunday Post: Here Comes the Summer | Happy Father’s Day


Well, I am now officially back home in Sussex for three months. That’s a bloody long time.

Coming home for the end of this term is pretty bitter sweet. I’m leaving a city I love and people I love for over a year, some people possibly for life. On the other hand, in two weeks I travel to Bali and in just over two months I make the big move to Paris. Basically, at the moment I seem to fluctuate between crying hysterically and bouncing off the walls with excitement. It’s pretty annoying if I’m honest.

As this Sunday really does mark the transition from university to summer holiday, I thought I’d do a little ‘here’s what to look forward to’ post. Here goes nothing:

On the 7th July Ollie and I jump on a plane to Bali for two weeks of sun, sea, snorkelling and sand. Expect a lovely little queue of posts while I’m away and then post upon post of Bali photos on our return. If you have the same severe wanderlust as I do then maybe you should look away. It’s going to get pretty tropical around here!

I’m on a bit of a mission to get fitter and healthier for my move to Paris so watch this space for posts all about diet, fitness and weight loss as I smash limits on my search for body confidence. All of this will be perfect for psyching myself up for my first outfit post (potentially)! I’m both terrified and excited for that one.

Ollie is travelling to Costa Rica for a month in August so expect a post all about how annoying that is, as well as several posts documenting my little excursions up and down the country visiting friends and loved ones. Fingers crossed I’ll have some interesting stuff to write about – its all a bit of an open book at the moment.

Quite a lot of this summer is going to be about blogging on a budget as I struggle without a student loan to cushion my fall. One of my big plans for this summer is to find myself a little temp job so that I can save up some money for my transition to city living – the Paris lifestyle is not going to be cheap.

But enough about me…

…let’s take a moment to talk about Father’s Day.

This is more of a shout out to my dad than anything else (you can follow him on twitter here but I’m not sure you’ll find his tweets particularly exciting).

Dear Daddy,
Thank you so much for being the best dad I could ever ask for or need. You are my friend and my hero and always manage to make a situation better and brighter. You’re probably feeling really weird and cringey about this being on the internet as you’re totally right, it is really corny. No matter. What I really want to say is thank you for being the perfect buffer between myself and mum and always being the voice of annoyingly patient reason.
And your jokes are really damn annoying.
(This whole thing has been a bit awkward, hasn’t it?)




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