Sunday Post: A Studio Flat in Paris

parisstudioThis week has seen me alternate between relaxing at home and stressing about finding a place to live for the next year.

Having booked myself onto a French language course run by my uni next year, I now know 100% that I have to be up and ready in Paris on the morning of the 30th August, ready to start a really exciting new chapter in my life.

While that’s hella exciting – that’s not long to sort everything. If you take into account the two weeks I’ll be in Bali for, I have about a month to find somewhere to live for a year, sort out things like bank accounts and phone numbers, and do whatever else I have to do before the big move.

My biggest problem at the moment is trying to find a place in Paris, within my price-range, within a suitable area, that is actually alright. You’d be amazed.

Ideally what I’m looking for is a studio around the 1st/2nd/5th/6th/7th arrondissements, or central Paris to those who haven’t spent far too much time looking at French estate agents online. My university next year is in the 6th and prices range but all are high. Basically, I’m having a great time falling in love with gorgeous flats with balconies overlooking Paris, all fabulously furnished and … costing around €1000 a month. Not so good. (Seriously, €1000 for a studio flat?! The whole thing is one room!!)

The once you’ve found a place not too small, not too far away, not too expensive, there’s the small matter of trying to contact, through the website, the owner of the flat who is off enjoying their own life somewhere in France.

Oh and I can forget going to look round. Unless I find the money to nip to Paris for a few days in August, looking unlikely at the moment, I’m going in completely blind and hoping for the best.

Can you tell I’m a little bit stressed?

Having said that, I’m feeling okay. I’ve chosen to live alone in Paris purely for selfish reasons. I’m not worried about not living with other students – I know I’m going to make friends. I’ve chosen to live alone to really make the most of my year in Paris before going back to the hustle and bustle of the Durham college system. I’m slowly starting to view my year out as just that, a year OUT. Away from all the stress of third year, away from some of the negative experiences of last year. Think of my year in Paris as a solo-gap-yah-finding-myself kind of year.

I’m really starting to get excited.



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