Sunday Post #3: Pineapples and Politics

It has been another week of doing very little – so rather than bore you with a summary of my week, I’m going to talk about two things that are so important to me!


The first of these wonderful things is Market Day! I love markets. Fruit markets, veg markets, arts and crafts markets, any market. Markets really do make my world go round.
But, I don’t think we have enough of them.

At home in Sussex markets are in abundance and you can pick up all sorts of amazing things. Local fruit and veg, as well as a few exotic extras for mere pennies. Seriously, we picked up a kilo of strawberries for £1 on Thursday! As someone who lives off fruit and veg and survives on a student loan, markets are fabulous.

market2At uni, however, markets don’t exist. Durham is phenomenally awful at markets. There is an underground market with fixed stalls but its just no the same, and their pricing is very much the same as the Tesco opposite. The same can be said for the greengrocer’s shop!

Its so annoying! So annoyyyinnnggg! I just want to buy well priced local fruit and veg without having to go to a massive supermarket. Is that so hard? Yes. In Durham it very much is. (In fact, in a few weeks I might do a comparison post between the supermarkets of Durham and the independent shops.)

I love markets, I just wish there were more of them. I can’t wait for Paris where I can shop in markets to my heart’s content!

So that covers pineapples, but what about the politics?

This is a quick one. I just want to remind you all how important it really is that you register to vote, and that you do vote. Registration closes in just over a week which is more than enough time to log on and sign your name down.

‘What if I don’t believe that my vote will count? I’m just one person and it won’t make a difference!’ I hear you say. Well, my friend. You could not be more wrong. In the 2010 election over 16 million people, eligible to vote, did not. 16 million. (To put that into perspective, the Conservatives gained 10 million votes, and Lib Dem. around 7 million.) (1)

Now I know people don’t vote for loads of different reasons. But if you are one of these ‘I won’t make a difference’ people then you are wrong. You are so wrong. You and your vote are so important and I urge you to really think about your vote and your place as a UK citizen. You are fabulous. Your vote will be fabulous.

Please register. Please? Pretty please?
I love my country and I honestly know very little about politics. But this is our future and we need to be aware.
Read websites, take online quizzes. You are a star and you ARE making a difference!

Last Week: Review: Moo Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg, My Bomb Cosmetics Wishlist, Spring Fling: My Spring Favourites, 10 Thing to Know About Me, Accepting Myself, Review // MUA Lash Boom Mascara (It’s been a boring week at home, forgive the masses of posts)

Next Week: I’m spending Monday and Tuesday with friends in London so expect something about that! And then back up to Durham for the start of the summer term – even a cheeky visit to Bishop Aukland Food Festival because food.


(1) Thanks to Talking Bollocks for figures


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  • Brooke says:

    I go to college in the states and the fruit situation is so frustrating! I eat in a dining hall and the fruit selection is really scarce and boring. There’s a farmers market, but it closed down from November-May! I’ll be heading back home in May, so that’s no good to me. I also agree about registering to vote – it is so important. We have the privilege, so we should take advantage of it.

    Brooke | brookewrote

    • Imii Mace says:

      That’s so annoying! I ate in a dining hall last year too and the choice was always between apple or banana so I know your pain 🙁
      And yes definitely! People sacrificed a lot to let us vote and we should never let them down (:

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