Summer Cocktail Inspired Fruit Infusions.

Summer Cocktail Inspired Fruit Infusions.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o I even need to mention how important it is to stay hydrated? Especially with all this hot weather and sunshine? I didn’t think so. However, I’m going to anyway. Guys, it’s really important to stay hydrated. Your skin and body and thoughts and sleep and literally everything will thank you. Get that water down you.

I love the taste of water. Or the fact that it doesn’t taste of anything. Or whatever. I also love squash. I love squash so much that I had people bring it out to me in France every time they visited. You could have free room and board at Hotel Mace, as long as you brought a tip in the form of teabags and/or squash. Yasss squash.

Squash isn’t the best for you. Sure it’s ‘no added sugar’ and sure it’s fruit and stuff, but it’s still concentrated fructose and is a bit meh. It’s also not the best for your teeth. Curse you, squash.

Summer Cocktail Inspired Fruit Infusions.Summer Cocktail Inspired Fruit Infusions.

With the help of Lords At Home, I’ve been experimenting with fruit infusions, both at home and out and about. Hence why Bobble’s Infuse Bottle* is my new fave thing – mine in the colour ‘Surf’. For the past week I’ve been taking it everywhere. Up to London for a few days of getting stuff done (and a little bit of shopping…), as well as to the New Forest yesterday. This bottle and handy filter cage, to stop the fruity bits getting stuck in the lid, have never left my side. Simply refill with water and you’re good to go again.

So what are my fave fruit infusions? Well, I have two.

The first is something that I’ve been seeing all over the blogging world: pink grapefruit and rosemary. Simply. grab a few segments of pink grapefruit, make sure each segment is open so it can infuse the water properly, and throw a sprig of rosemary into the bottle, jug or glass. Really damn easy. My only advice for this is to make sure you don’t leave your rosemary in for too long as it does have a reaaaally strong flavour. One of those ‘season to taste’ moments.

I’ve also been loving a Pimms inspired infusion. The usual fruity ingredients are cucumber, mint and strawberry. I also like to add a slice or two of lime if we have any left lying around after some summer G&Ts. Super quick and easy to whip up, and more iced water can be poured back in when you’re done. It’s the drink that keeps on giving.

There’s something about a beautifully glass that makes me feel so happy, especially while enjoying the sunshine, sunglasses on. As someone that only ever has the occasional alcoholic drink, think maybe once every other month, sometimes a glass of Diet Coke or water is just a little too boring. I can’t wait to keep busting these out for the rest of the summer.

Summer Cocktail Inspired Fruit Infusions. Summer Cocktail Inspired Fruit Infusions.

Have you tried fruity water infusions?
How do you keep hydrated in this sunshine?


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