Sudocrem Skin Care Cream First Impressions



So this morning a tiny parcel arrived on my doorstep that I had completely forgotten ordering. I picked up the tiny package like ‘what on earth is this?’ and had that exciting Christmas morning feeling as I began to tear at the bag. Just as I finally reached inside, I remembered that I had ordered Sudocrem’s answer to skin care (think less nappy rash, more adult acne) about a week ago!

Obviously I got a little excited that it had finally come as I’ve heard some pretty good things about it – as well as obviously being a huge fan of Sudocrem’s classic tub cream. So now that I’ve opened it and smeared it all over my face, what are my first thoughts?

sudocremWell, I’m actually quite impressed – as impressed as one can be with a brand new moisturiser after one use. The tube is small, at only 30g, but this isn’t a problem at all. A little definitely goes a long, long way. See that smear above? More than enough to cover my face a good five or six times over. It really packs a punch.

That said, the cream is hella thick. Think more like a wet paste than a moisturiser – to be honest its just like classic Sudocrem so I don’t know what I was expecting. I had to give the tube a really good, full-handed squeeze to get the splodge pictured above but as I say, that is rather a lot to need in one go. The thickness also makes it quite difficult to spread evenly all over the skin, but the cream does melt and so again this isn’t too much of a problem!

It is just so intensely moisturising! It has been a few hours since I applied and my skin is still feeling soft and silky with very little applied in the first place. Also the scent is an absolute dream – Sudocrem brings back such nostalgia so I loved covering my face in it!

So what am I going to do with this purchase?
I think with its thickness and coverage I’m going to use it as more of a night cream than a daily moisturiser – not least because I’m more of an SPF15 kinda girl during the day. I look forward to giving it a go tonight and seeing the results tomorrow morning. I’m truly expecting wonders from this almost mask-like cream. So far, so good!


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