I’m so glad that Spring appears to be properly here. We haven’t had any snow in weeks and the blossom is well and truly out and proud. The sun is shining through my blind-less uni windows at 5:30 am and I no longer need my electric blanket to stop me freezing to death at night. It’s an April springtime miracle.

For real though, I’m really glad Spring is here. Spring is a great season, all the perfect temperature vibes of Autumn but with the knowledge that days are getting longer and brighter rather than shorter and sadder. As much as I love Autumn, and I LOVE Autumn, Spring has all the hope that I need as I start the final push into masters dissertation season and the joy that is poetry from the First World War.

To sum up, cynicism aside, I’m feeling positive.

I’m trying a few things out, at the moment, re: the whole blog and instagram thing. I have a little more free time than usual and I’m using it to do something constructive, that will only benefit me longterm.

One of those things is injecting colour into my insta feed and my blog photography. At the moment I’m really digging the orange tones of all the Coachella photos buzzing around – the warm light and clear blue honestly just makes my eyes happy and I’d love to get even slightly close to that vibe with my own editing. Obviously I’m not in the middle of Palm Springs or anything like that, and Durham is hardly Joshua Tree, but I’ll get there I’m sure.

Another reason for all the orange is that I want to bring all my photography together a little bit more. I edit every single photo the same way, and have done forever, but they just don’t feel uniform enough – I’m desperate to get the whole ‘brand’ together, and sorting out a more coherent theme would help me immensely. I’d feel more comfortable with my photos and more confident in my little online space and business. There’s nothing like the springtime to get you all inspired, is there?

So I’ve made up some new presets and sorted my insta pics for the next week or so, and I think we’re all good. If it turns out that I hate it then that’s cool too. The internet is always changing and so are we. But I won’t know if I don’t try, will I?

Overall, I’m pretty inspired, and that’s just a really nice thing! x

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*The gorgeous yellow bag in the photos was sent to me as a PR sample by Dorothy Perkins, however this post is not sponsored.


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